All Points East Festival


It’s fun to speculate :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


What are the chances of cheap/discounted tickets being released for this festival? Specifically the LCD/YYYs day. :thinking:


Depends on how well it’s selling I guess? I’d imagine it’s probably doing alright though given it’s primavera for people who can’t go to Barca


See you all there for bjork!


Yeah unfortunately I can’t see it happening, but fingers crossed.


Anynmone who misses confidence man will miss the biggest party of the weekend


I have three tickets to Nick Cave at Victoria Park that I am trying to sell. We realised it is too much hassle to get back from on Sunday night as don’t live in London and have work the next day. Also we saw him in Copenhagen last year and it was amazing. Let me know if interested. Happy to sell them cheaper than bought. £150 for the three?


Mmm interested :thinking:


Ok brilliant, do you want them then?


Don’t think they’ll do discounted tickets, but there are lots of competitions around to win free tickets. Dunno what the capacity is but not sure it is selling as well as expected (none of the dates have sold out).


Agreed. I thought it would be sold out by now also. That is partly why I am happy to sell our ones for discounted price.


Where are said competitions? :grinning:


Can’t imagine any of the festival days will sell out, though probably the Nick Cave show will do the best.

Doubt Goldenvoice are that bothered about it selling out first year – it’s more about establishing it in Victoria Park as a Primavera/whatever competitor since it’s a new festival. I’m hoping for discounted tickets somewhere but not sure they’ll do it.


I’m selling three discounted tickets.


I’m sure they’ll be trying to make it as full as possible which will probably translate into a free-for-all for music types and their hangers-on i.e. massive guestlists.


Cant wait for Yeah Yeah Yeahs…its been so long :open_mouth:


I’m presuming they will dickishly leave the set times to the last minute i.e. middle of next week?
It can be done sooner. Primavera has much more complex staging and yet releases theirs 3-4 weeks before…


Yeah this is bugging me a bit because if the clashes are bad I might sack off the Friday to see Deerhunter. I’m worried that Yeah Yeah Yeahs and Phoenix are going to overlap, or that I might not get out of work in time for Young Fathers.


It’s going to take some time to get between the East and North stages given the crowds and distance. Feels like something is going to have to give…


Just seen that Vessels have been added on the Friday which is a treat.