All Points East Festival


Wonder who the ‘special guests’ are on Jager stage on Sunday?


Dice doing a festival ‘flash sale’ on Friday. 2 for 1 VIP tickets, 20% off etc.

Doesn’t say which festivals but they are currently selling APE tickets.


I’d be amazed if they don’t include APE. Would help shift some tickets.
The VIP thing looks pointless though. A special bar and toilets - at a day fest, pretty unexciting.


depends on how badly organised things turn out tbh.


Ha, can’t argue with that.
I’d be miffed if I paid full price for the VIPs and then they offer them for cheaper than standard tickets.


Still very tempted by the Friday. If it’s plausible to see LCD, Phoenix and Yeah Yeah Yeah’s (greedy, I know), then I’m all over this. Either way the undercard is silly good.

Take it we have no idea when the timetable is released?


got a very useful email today saying “closer to the time”


I’m assuming they have all the times but are trying to max out ticket sales so will hold back news of clashes as long as possible.


I’ve heard Vessels that they are on at 6om, so i’m assuming the times havr been sorted out. I can’t imagine it would be particularly wise for organisers to not have them sorted out for a while, for many reasons.


I’m hoping there’s an Arcade Fire Hyde Park-style ‘oops here’s a LEAKED link for free tickets’ that goes around but I’m not holding my breath.


You’re right, they definitely know the times but are keeping them from us for commercial reasons. Evil bastards!


The xx undercard is irkingly tasteful

DJ Python and DJ Richard?! Why aren’t they playing Bjorks day?


I’m going that day, mostly for Lorde and Lykke Li (I do quite like the XX too). Anything else I should check out on the undercard?


Omar S and Call Super are pretty good, if you like dance music

Abra is pretty good as well, futurist r’n’b, bit like Kelela

Mostly they have good dance acts on Saturday which I suspect were chosen by the xx


There’s a Festival Firesale on the Dice app tomorrow 12-1pm where some as-yet-unnamed festivals will be 2-4-1 VIP tickets and 20% off general tickets.

It’s obviously no Arcade Fire for £1 but it might be worth a look.


I just hope they’ve sold enough tickets and it’s not cancelled. Like the ill fated ATP Jabberwocky, which I also had tickets for :tired_face:


C’mon now. That’s a bit ridiculous. It’s got too much hingeing on it and a massive backer. I also had Jabberwocky tickets but knew there was a risk with those guys

On a separate note, timetables are up. Lykke Li playing a 30 minutes set Wtf.


Where is that from?


Not going to this because I’m pro LGBT rights :rainbow_flag:


They’re on the app