All Points East - Strokes ticket wanted

Hi, my friends are going to the Strokes-headlined day on Saturday and I left getting my ticket too late. Hopefully this is the right place but if anyone on here is looking to shift a ticket I will happily take one off your hands, thanks.

Sign up for alerts on Twickets - there have been loads on there over the last ciouple of days. All at face value plus a fee of about £8 iirc…

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Thanks boss, been a while since I’ve asked around for tickets, this looks grand. :+1:

I’m in the same situation as you. My plan is to hang around the box office hoping for a released batch of tickets from the promoter. Or wait for people wanting to return a spare to the box office, find out they can’t and I offer to buy.

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Sounds like a plan.

Could you provide a brief description of yourself so I can beat you to the punch :stuck_out_tongue: