All purpose Artificial Intelligence/ AI ethics discussion thread (rolling)

Thought it might be useful to have one of these as currently the conversation has been split over numerous different threads.


The deep fake stuff will be heavily weaponised for all future elections and to garner support for increasingly draconian restrictions on everyone but rich white men. In short, michty me.

Wasn’t deep fake already used around US elections?

I don’t mean this

But this of Pelosi which was pretty lofi

You can only use your own voice but Descript is pretty impressive

Fucking bin it all off, no way will any of it ever be used for anything positive.

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AI technology has many benefits that can improve various aspects of our lives, including:

  1. Efficiency: AI can automate repetitive tasks and processes, which can save time and improve efficiency.
  2. Personalization: AI can be used to personalize recommendations, advertisements, and experiences, making them more relevant to individual users.
  3. Accuracy: AI can analyze large amounts of data and make predictions with a high degree of accuracy, which can be useful in fields such as healthcare and finance.
  4. Innovation: AI can be used to develop new products and services that would not be possible with traditional methods.
  5. Safety: AI can be used to monitor and analyze data in real-time, improving safety and security in various fields such as transportation and public safety.

Overall, AI has the potential to greatly improve our lives in many ways, and its benefits will likely continue to grow as the technology develops.


Desperately needs to be regulated. AI could be a great work-saving tool that could free up human time for things like art… I worry it’s instead being used in unethical ways to generate profit.


I used ChatGPT to get me started on an email I would have procrastinated about for ages (formal one going to a load of people)
It really came through :smile:. I’m not sure how much of chatgpt’s email was left after I edited, but it got me started. Will prob do it again


Definitely going to be one of those things where it’s adoption and development rapidly outpaces our ability to understand and legislate it


I don’t think it’s outpacing our ability so much as it’s being deliberately lobbied for and developed in a way to bypass legislative oversight.

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I fear they’ll never let most of us have time for things like art


I agree that AI technology has tremendous potential to improve various aspects of our lives. As you have pointed out, AI can increase efficiency by automating repetitive tasks and processes, and it can personalize recommendations and experiences based on individual preferences.

Moreover, AI’s ability to analyze vast amounts of data and make predictions with a high degree of accuracy has significant implications in fields like healthcare and finance, where precise analysis and decision-making are critical.

Innovation is another area where AI has tremendous potential. AI can help develop new products and services that were previously impossible with traditional methods, leading to new opportunities for businesses and industries.

However, as we explore the many benefits of AI, it is essential to consider its ethical implications as well. We must ensure that AI is developed and used in ways that respect human rights, privacy, and dignity. Additionally, we must ensure that AI’s decision-making processes are transparent and accountable, and that it does not perpetuate existing biases and inequalities.

In conclusion, AI technology has immense potential to improve our lives, but we must approach its development and use with a keen awareness of its ethical implications.

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:crystal_ball: Outlook good


This is one of the biggest cons of the whole internet I reckon.

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That people want a v personalised experience, I mean.

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Chat bot?

Reckon all AI reads the same atm, could spot it a mile off.

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At the moment the AI is doing the art so we have time to send emails and phone insurance companies.


The concept of ASI fascinates me. What we have at the moment not so much! Mostly it is/will continue to be used for deep fake revenge porn, celeb porn, all other types of evil porn, and also fascism.

But ASI is very interesting and I go back and forth on if it shall be achieved

imo the utility of “AI” (whatever we mean here) for all sorts of problems is kinda undeniable

there aren’t many examples of major scientific breakthroughs at the moment but this is the sort of thing that gets cited

That sort of stuff is quite far removed from the stuff that should concern us imo.

I think conversations on this topic kinda lose traction in linking how impressive/sophisticated a system is to how much we should be concerned about it.

It doesn’t matter that loads of “AI” systems are not using sophisticated techniques and that literally I could design and code them. What matters is how they are embedded and configured in social and institutional settings.


I completely understand where you’re coming from! There’s something special about the human touch that can never be replicated by machines. While AI has come a long way in recent years and can do some pretty amazing things, it still lacks the creativity and nuance that comes naturally to us as humans.

When it comes to reading, I agree that there’s a certain quality to human writing that’s hard to replicate. Even if the words are similar or the topic is the same, each writer has their own unique style and voice that comes through in their writing. It’s what makes reading so enjoyable - getting a glimpse into someone else’s mind and perspective.

So, while AI may be impressive in its abilities, I don’t think it can ever truly replace the human element in things like writing and reading. It’s important to appreciate the qualities that make us human and celebrate the things that we do best!