All-purpose Blue thread (the band, not the colour - no jokers please)

It has come to my attention that the band Blue require an all-purpose social board thread so that we can adequately discuss their music, the boys, their lyrics, etc etc.

Please do not post in this thread if you are just going to say something rubbish like ‘never listened to them’ or ‘they’re shit’. This is a thread for people with taste only.

I eagerly await your thoughts, opinions, memories, chance meetings, and formative experiences of the band Blue and in particular Lee Ryan (national treasure).


Can’t wait to actually own this

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@TheBarbieMovie2023 Could you please curate a 12-track best of Blue for those unfamiliar with their music?

Spotify if possible.

No worries if not.

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Do you reckon that now they’ve split up any of the former members have considered joining the nautical branch of the armed forces?

you don’t need 12 tracks, you just need U Make Me Wanna (a timeless pop classic and a peerless summer bop) and One Love


Lee Ryan is actually a beautiful human being, no jokes

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I can really imagine Antony getting involved in the marines to be honest.


That wouldn’t lend itself very well to my Navy Blue joke though :frowning:

Didn’t see Duncan but didn’t get on with his mum at all

I just feel sorry for Simon Webbe. he’s a superlative boy band member and would be the best band member in any other boy band but unfortunately he’s competing with Lee Ryan

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Together? Was it set in Devon?

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I was always fond of their song with stevie wonder

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taps thread title NO JOKERS PLEASE


Oh I thought it was ok as long as the jokes weren’t funny.


Always really enjoyed Blue. ‘All Rise’ was sung a lot on a group holiday a few years back. Good fun splitting the parts up between us.


who did the rap?

Why was Lee so unpopular on Strictly? He’s great.

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I tried it and wasn’t bad but I think Ryan or Ash did it better.

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I didn’t realise Duncan had come out until I saw him talking about it openly on tv the other day, not that surprising but it’s something I think about still.

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Simon seems like a GBOL too

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