all-purpose egg frusration thread

How often do you accidentally mix egg white and yolk when trying to make fried or poached eggs?

  • never
  • <10%
  • 11-25%
  • 26-50%
  • 51-75%
  • '>75%

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Fried 2 X eggs today

Broke one of the yokes

Sad time, disappointing egg

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fucking hell - sorry for the edits. Eggits.

Never seem to break a yoke when I’m cracking eggs to make scrambo

God hates us

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the ‘never’ crew: how??

I do it all the time pretty much.

But then if you followed up with

When do you make fried eggs at home? Maybe once a year as there are always better egg options

When do you make poached eggs at home? Never because I’m not a masochist; poached eggs are for eating in cafés.

oh theo. Few things better than homemade poached eggs with homemade hollandaise


belgian hotel fucked it again have they?

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Just a better calibre of human, I suppose.

But only if you get it right. The nine other times out of 10 you just fuck it up and cost yourself a lot of money in eggs.

By lying through their fucking teeth.


I just assumed they’d had to do it in a professional capacity at some point and thus learned the tricks.

Genuine Q: How do you produce the perfect poached egg?

Swirl the (lightly salted but NO VINEGAR) just water that’s just been taken off the boil deposit egg into vortex, cover pan and leave for around three minutes. I find it easier to crack the egg into a small mug so I can be more accurate.

@anon19035908 made some beauts today, by the look of it

Fried never, poached now and then

Break egg into a ladle and lower ladle into ( rolling bubbling) water and, flick of the wrist, slide it into the water (tiny dash of vinegar helps too, so long as you don’t mind the aroma.) Absolute piece of piss, don’t understand how anyone can get it wrong using this method.

Marcus wareing would disagree!!

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Don’t know who he is but he’s a PRICK

(denaturating the albumen by pH rather than heat gives it a different texture)

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