All Purpose Pants Thread

Was gonna start replying to Balonz’s shithole of a thread, then realised we’d be better off having a more generic thread that was actually good and not tedious.

What is your preferred undergarment?

  • Commando
  • Long underwear
  • Bikini
  • Tap pants
  • G-String
  • C-String
  • Boxers
  • Jockstrap
  • Temple garments
  • Kachchhera
  • Briefs
  • Trunk briefs
  • Midway briefs
  • Tanga
  • Maebari
  • Panties
  • Thong
  • Boyshorts
  • Hip huggers
  • Other

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Chat welcome

Wheres the “Granny Pants” option please?


I don’t know what half of these are. Tap pants?

I just wear normal knickers :woman_shrugging:

According to Wikipedia, they are covered by “bikini”

Wikipedia has let me down

Nope. That’s not what granny pants are.

That’s bikini pants.


how much wear you getting out your pants?

  • until they’re basically crotchless
  • any sign of wear and they’re in the bin
  • I throw away pants that don’t have any holes in them because I’m a Tory

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I did buy some slightly skimpier knickers from TK Maxx the other day and they’re just not very comfy.

Going to need £6.25 for a spin off.

You’ll have to go “other” then.

I should have put a “depends” in there too, thinking about it.

I have different pants for gym and real life.

I also go commando in anything culotte style

And @meowington

I’ve recently moved from cotton to a kind of light Lycra material and it has revolutionised my pants comfort levels

I ain’t ever gonna be a fancy underwear person. I’ve tried but it’s not for me. I’m constantly picking my knickers out my arse as it is (cause I have a BIG BUTT that seems to inhale my pants)

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One of my pet hates is boxer shorts that don’t have the trapdoor at the front.

If you need to pull the elastic down for a wee, then it rests just below the balls, restricting the flow to your bladder slightly, meaning you have to do an additional stretch at the end for a final shake or you’ll end up with some leftover wee when you pull them back up.

It’s a fundamental design flaw that has been solved, yet some manufacturers ignore the solution like a bunch of sociopaths.

Have you checked you’ve not got them on backwards?

Abandon reply

I bought some amazing New Balance seamless knickers which are lycra-y and omg those are my new go to knicks

Also, I may have been a late learner with this, but if when you pull them up they’re not perfectly symmetrical across your body, then they’re going to be uncomfortable all day. I just thought it was that some of my pants were shitly made, but all those years I’d been wearing them with a slight twist.

Plastic Niks should have been an option