All Purpose Pants Thread

where bounce u gettin them from hun?

Just Tesco for my day to day pants.

This is way to much information to be sharing, isn’t it?

absolutely not

i have located some in M&S, danke!

No, I pull my pants and trousers fully down at the urinal. Like an adult.


I remember finding the perfect pair of pants at TK Maxx once. Wore them till there was barely any pant left. I remember googling the brand to try and find more and being unsuccessful. Still think about them now and again.

The day I started buying microfiber pants from M&S my life changed. I think pretty much all my pants are microfiber now (even though they cost twice as much as cotton ones)

Are you wearing women’s grundies?

M&S call it micro skin. Here’s my pants. How surprised I was to find a picture of me modelling them too!

Does anyone have pants ideas for keeping the pants outside of the bum crack? My arse can’t keep hold of a pair of crackers

Like this but for your butt/crotch?

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How about a bum chock?

Put a cocktail umbrella up your bum.

Wear clothes with a higher waist (or wear your pants a bit lower on your hips). If I’m wearing low slung jeans and the belt loops are at the same level as the top of my pants I give myself a wedgie which is very annoying.

I have this problem but no solution. Why are pants not designed to not go up your bum? I don’t get it. Best pants I’ve found for not going up my bum crack are john lewis bikini briefs

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Will give these a try, thanks!

Will give these a try, thanks!

I want them to have almost sticky pads on the bum bits like what you get on strapless bras!

Maybe a piece of elastic attached to each side that goes all the way round round the front to help pull them out of the crack.

An ex-partner once referred to a pair of my heavily worn boxers with slack elastic as looking like “an old hockey skirt”. That stayed with me, and I now do a regular purge of pants.

Recently went to Uniqlo and bought two of these in every colour.

Old pants are either binned or boil washed and used as cleaning rags for things like my bike.

Hmm. Might give these a go.