All-purpose Saturday thread

Now TV has a highlights section called “animal adventures” and I’m not sure I’m interested in doing anything else today

Sadly I think I’m going to be required to go see Overlord and drink loads of nice beers instead.

Whatchu up to, good people of DiS?

Hiya Guntrip and everyone!
I have to go wedding dress shopping with my best mate today. UGGGGGGGHHHHHH

Morning @guntrip and @Isa

Final day in Devon, heading to Slapton Sands this morning and then football this afternoon, then the long drive home.

First, breakfast.

Enjoy your day everyone.

Morning all :slight_smile:

We’re doing the second of our mammoth Foodbank dinners tonight. I’ve got 14 of Mrs CCB’s workmates coming over for dinner so I’m going to be making breads and dips and tagine and various other bits.

Still in bed at the moment though


Hope all goes well with this man and they love them as much as you do!

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Good luck dude! The first time I met my ex’s family I was so nervous, I managed to get the topics of merkins and Fritzel’s basement into conversation so hopefully they won’t do this :smiley:


Morning champs. A much needed day of doing absolutely nowt while the other half is at a baby shower for most of the day down in Brighton. Might head over to the bottle shop in Tooting Market and pick up some nice beers.

Cricket now though :cricket:

Parkrun, brunch, clean, drive to Blackpool, gf’s nan’s 90th tomorrow.


Noah has doubled his birth weight and is now 3lb so is HALF A BABY INSTEAD IF A QUARTER. This is cracking news and I’m very proud of the grumpy little pooping machine.

Up watching totoro and catching soot sprites with the other one to give mrs stack a well earned lie in. Gonna make bacon sangers when she gets up. So glad it’s the weekend, this week at work needed to get in the sea.

Big Up DiS x


Heading to the office to revise. Picking up some badges from the post office en route.

Enjoy Slapton my friend. They’ve just rebuilt the road along there after it washed away in the storms early this year. Really fascinating story about the place and WW2 as well. You’ll be, I think, only the 2nd DiSer to be within half an hour of me and my remote outpost!

This sums it up so far this morning

You have my absolute sympathy.

Morning guntrip and assorted characters.

Not much is known about the habits of the saps creature today. Though it will definitely play the drums between 3 and 5.

Perhaps it will lurk in the city of Norwich before that, eating falafel and reading its book in a coffee shop, probably the Little Red Roaster.

Hopefully its friend Matt will get back from London in time to go out drinking later. We’ll see.

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coughing up all kinds of shit this morning. all kinds.


Partner’s maid of honour(?) is down and they’re going wedding dress shopping this morning, so partner and I celebrated by having a bit of a big argument about the venue choice.

I’m going to do absolutely shit all today.

I covered my wife’s sister in salsa the very first time I met her. In front of the whole family.

No bean gifs pleasethankyou



Courtney Barnett was great last night - she did an absolutely amazing Gillian Welch cover that made me very happy

Bit hungover after going deeper than expected on the beers and staying out till gone 1. But coffee is making it good

I was wondering if @Epimer could try this tactic at one of his card games

Stink hits darts grand slam as match features flatulent end | Darts | The Guardian


Rick Stein’s memoirs were even more disappointing than anticipated.


Fucking love Courtney Barnett. Also quite a fan of the phrase ‘going deeper than expected’ in this context.

Could have said these things with a like, couldn’t I?