All purpose spring/summer clothes thread


i am fucking beyond bored at work so can we have another clothes thread?

bought anything good recently? got yr eye on anything?

sorry in advance to @Antpocalypsenow

i’ve just ordered this -

also waiting on delivery of a couple of t-shirts

The Last Supper (Maundy Thursday Evening Thread)

Really like that cord shirt. :+1:


Do you support Crystal Palace


aye it’s nice eh? hoping it fits ok, i haven’t ordered from them before and sometimes the sizing on some sites can be fucking weird


i do not


Bought some new NBs and loads of t-shirts recently in prep for Summer I


I feel like you’re sending out the wrong message


Always a bit wary about ordering clothes online.

I’ve got a really thin frame, so finding things that fit properly can be a nightmare.


Bought this cos I don’t really have a casual spring jacket. I hope it doesn’t make me look like too much of a prat.


what t-shirts did you get J-dizzle?




I was considering buying a flowery blouse. This would be a very out of character choice for me.


that’s bold as fuck but i like it, i think you can pull it off


pics or GTFO :grinning:


remember when people were burning NB because of Trump :joy:


I think they can all be seen in the friday selfie threads to be honest! Bought myself a palestinian keffiyeh for the spring to summer transition too.


Nice pattern but impossible to tell if it has enough zips


Do I!


that second one in particular is a brammer


:laughing: brilliant