All purpose spring/summer clothes thread

How many zips does a jacket need?

Thanks my man!

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that’s a whole thread in itself surely?

At least 4, ideally more.

It looked better in the shop. I thought it would look alright under this lightweight green jumper I have.


That is so pretty!

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Ha, that is why it is not my typical style, I don’t usually do pretty!


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I said yes. I’d never wear dungarees. I don’t think many people I know would wear dungarees. But my view is fuck it. Wear what you like.


I need a new jacket.

it’s a skateboarding brand

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It’s just a brand. Bit pricey but not too pricey. Skateboarding streetwear that crosses over into the ‘hypebeast’ sort of thing


google image searched “netrunner jacket” first result was…1


Looks fine. Do H&M have it?

aye kinda, in that wee dicks will camp out overnight for their stuff and pay ridiculous sums second hand for stuff that’s pretty worn

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my 18 year old nephew does it a lot, he doesn’t camp out but has got lucky with managing to grab a lot of their more popular items on the day they go on sale online, mostly hoodies and stuff

He bought one last year for £85, wore it for around 9 months and sold it on Depop for £180


Was a bit drunk once and some boys were camping out for some new shoes. I asked one of the tents what they were up to and then we all went for a burger. Walked with them back to their tent and then went home. Not even London.

Still finding girls in dungas peng :+1:


This is a very Australian sentence.

Aww look meight…

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