All-purpose wild animal thread (rolling, scampering, etc)


this one was about to try and cross a busy road, so I had a word.

(really hope she or he stays safe)


hedgehogs are sooo silly and always doing this :worried:

just in case anyone missed the news:


I thought this was going to be about the hedgehog that inflated like a beach ball


:heart_eyes: Muska is an astonishingly pretty cat (also awww)


Subthread: verbs and specific verbs?

Otters are the only animals that gambol.


I’m pretty sure I’ve seen lambs and goats, amongst other animals, doing this.


pigeons and starlings eating maltesers yesterday


How did they get the wrapper off?


I saw a cool wee fox in Bunhill yesterday. It was just looking at us, then had a little lie down.


never actually seen a hedgehog in the wild. you’re well lucky.



one time, there was a kind of adorably dopey little fox who popped up across the road from where I was, maybe only ten feet away. looked at me and then sat down. <3


I guess I just hang out in the same places as hedgehogs


This guy keeps popping up in my garden so I decided to put some food out for him. Even brought his friend along the other night. I’ve named him Mr. Prickle.


Thought this was going to be a @creakyknees returns thread.


Not quite a wild animal (I think it had a tag on it’s ear) but an animal in a wild place (if you’ll ignore the well-made, very well-used footpath there…). Look, I’m posting it anyway!


the best dolphin