All Structures Align

You could go for the standard cardboard tongue thing but it would bend and break over time.

There’s that version where you wind string around the two loops I suppose but probably just as prone to damage records beside it.

I guess I’ll just keep the cardboard rigid thing from the mailer next to it :smiley:

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Can’t have it damaging other records if you always have it in the player and it never goes back on the shelf … :thinking:

Power move right there


we should have all just stuck with MP3s :smiley:


Well, well well. I look away for one minute and the rebellion begins!
It was the first thing I asked the designer funnily enough. I do have the same fears, so I keep mine at the end of the line, with the fixing facing out. So no harm can come to anything. Otherwise remove the fixing, I can only apologize for the distress.

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Maybe there’s some alternative less dangerous fixing. I will investigate.

I was also worried about this, so I attached similar binders and washers to all my other album covers too, thus levelling the playing field. Basically like an episode of The Vikings now; risk of injury so serious that I dare not put on a single record.

Problem solved.


@Caedus @1101010 @mark_h
How about a nice piece of ribbon. That would look nice.


:smile: please please don’t worry. It’s beautiful and it was all in jest!

Had a first listen tonight also and loved it.


Think you’d like these guys if you haven’t tried before @daggers @TAFH33


Just finished my first listen and it seems promising, going to dig in further over the next few days. Thanks for letting me about them, seems like they’ll be good for the changing weather.


Jumping in for my first real listen, turned up loud - copy 87/100 baby! (All properly limited albums need this detail imho)

Love the bass on The Last Five, and ooh that outro is fucking righteous. Flatmate walked in at that point demanding to know who it was as she loved it :smiley: Crown Rockets was my initial standout but Five is challenging it hard. The feedback middle section on Dream of Rigs was so so cool. Find second half a little trickier to get into right away, but just needs more listens - loads of great sounds and sections in there. The chanted harmony vocals on We Gather are oddly catchy too

Getting some Wrens from the most chime-y or quiet parts, which was unexpected, and less surprisingly Shellac in some of the more hard hitting rhythmic parts

Packaging is lovely and think one of the art pieces will go on my wall - reminiscent of the train picture in the F♯ A♯ ∞ album. Do wish the track list was a bit more accessible from the outside, but minor gripe

Are there any gig plans?


Can’t say how much I (and Badger D.L.) appreciate the generosity of you chaps, both in terms of kind words, but also buying the ruddy stuff! Really, really kind. Thank you!


Live question:

Yes, hopefully. We plan to turn some/all attention to putting something together in that regard in spring, once we’ve got another batch of recording done. The existing main players are London, North Lincs and North Yorks, it’s going to take a bit of planning/work! We’ll see. I’m massively keen to gig!

Thanks so much!


Oh didn’t realise this was you too! Double whammy hah

Will definitely try to catch you guys if you can make it up to Scotland


oops. sorry I missed this. Will listen today


You’re both on here! amazing.

Yeah, it’s great stuff so you should be very proud! Love both the records :slight_smile:

Based on those locations it sounds like you’ll be playing birmingham then :wink: whoop whoop!!

(I may be able to help if need be…)

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Thanks so much!

Birmingham would definitely be one of the initial targets, I’m 100% sure.


Both of these records are superb! Been quite a while since twisty-turny post-hardcore kind of stuff has caught my attention in this way.

Crown Rockets might well be one of my tracks of the year.

Really brilliant stuff @Badgerdeluxe and @AttackDuck


The bass tone on Every eye a river is :ok_hand: But I’m still trying to work out what metal song the start of Crown Rockets reminds me of. :slight_smile:


Metallica? Maybe Battery? The other two pointed accusing fingers at me in that regard.

Blurred to prevent ruinous Lars lawyer intervention.

I’m out of this thread unless @ ed. I’d hate to think that somebody withheld a good savaging of our stuff for fear of upsetting forum members!


Please stay. :slight_smile: