All The President's Men

I watched this again last night. Big fan of Pakula’s stuff from around that period, but i can’t decide if this is or isn’t a very good film. The subject matter’s obviously fascinating, it’s well-paced, it feels authentic, but a lot of the dialogue seems ad-libbed and sloppy and there’s no bloody ending.

What say, bretheren?

You want the truth?! YOU CAN’T HANDLE THE TRUTH!


I want these motherfucking snakes off the motherfucking PLANE!

not seen it but there’s some funny anecdotes about it in William Goldman’s Adventures in the Screen Trade. he really has it out for either Woodward or Bernstein, I can’t remember which. or what the anecdotes actually are.

this is a good post


The book is boring as fuck. I mean, that’s the reality of an investigation like that - it’s a lot of checking phone records, waiting to speak to people, etc etc, but it interminably dull to actually read about.

Only really know Quantum Leap


I like this funny joke you have just made here.

thank you

it’s a good film, cheers


The film’s essentially 90% people on the phone or stood around a desk. That sort of thing seems to work to some degree in newsroom stuff, but generally speaking, yeah, quite boring.

turns out it was a sledge wasn’t it?

yep. That’s why redford whispers ‘percy’ at the start.

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I have, of course, seen necessary roughness as well.

not sure i could disagree with this more. i want more boring details! more!

I love it and need to rewatch it post-The Post.

Films about very competent people being very competent are my cup of tea.

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“Woodward phoned Libby. They spoke for ten minutes and confirmed that folder SE4878 has been deposited at the office on the 12th. After hanging up, Woodward spoke to Granville. He insisted the document had to have been submitted on the 11th, and that could be proved by checking list 0876 at the Maryland County Archive Office…”

I think i’d argue Spotlight’s a better film.

Heavily influenced by ATPM i expect.

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*takes notes*

i could get access to these myself with a FOI request yeah? there’s a few things i want to double check

I may agree with that, been years since I watched it. But yeah, I’m a real sucker for journalistic process films.

(Incidentally, Slow Burn - A Podcast About Watergate is well worth your time if you’re a podcaster who is interested in Watergate)