All the small things

What are the things you’re fucking brilliant at, but are pretty much irrelevant to day-to-day life?

Don’t hide your light under a bushel is this a saying? Something like this, DiS!!


I’ll start

I reckon I’m probably top 100 in the world at pushing a bike one-handed, on the saddle/frame rather than the handlebars.

My level of control is frankly unbelievable. The grace with which I can swerve past pedestrians/go up kerbs/avoid obstacles is something to behold (all with no loss of speed may I add). I can literally do all this with one finger, should I choose to.

Can even manage it whilst a 5 year old boy is sat on the seat. Honestly, it’s the thing I’m best at in the world.


Don’t think I’ll ever actually ride a bike again. What’s the point??

Regarding films - Facial recognition and very dull trivia no one else cares about.


I make an absolutely brilliant cup of tea.


Prove it.

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I said IRRELEVANT things, dude!

I’m OK at this in general but I’m really good at noticing the guy who played Frank Sobotka in The Wire when he appears in other things


:smiley: .

Judging on how most people treat making a cup of tea, and the shocking level of care they take… I’d say it’s pretty irrelevant how well I make mine.


Scrambled eggs. Perfect every time.

Pinging elastic bands with frankly astonishing accuracy.

Im really good at weaving in and out of people on the pavement, graceful tbh. Like a gazelle.


I can definitely give you a run for your money on this one

knowing the year a film was made/released

I don’t doubt it! I look forward to the next DiS bike wankers bike push meet.

Just me and you. 70 mile push off

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Tell you what else I’m good at… Wheeling my bike on the back wheel. Absolutely pro at this.

can imagine this being your specialist subject on mastermind, they show you a where’s wally picture and you have to pick out sobotka