All the small things

v. useful for confined spaces, that one.

I’m really good at pushing doors just enough so that they close but don’t slam. I like to do it to most fully open doors (annoying) just to show how great I am.


I really wish I was better at this. So satisfying when you nail it.

Dropping bright eyes couplets into conversation


YES! Same. Tea off in Mallorca.

Ooh ooh also when I’m get undressed (sorry) I like to flip my pants up with my foot, catch them and then slam dunk them into the wash basket.

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Nice moves. I like to flip mine up and land them on my head.

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pretty good at keeping my balance. manage to save / style out a large percentage of falls

definitely landing on my face later on today now

fast forwarding adverts x30 and stopping exactly when the programme is coming back on.


Really good at packing pretty lightly. Once went to Poland for a weekend with nothing more than a 7 litre mini rucksack. Felt very freeing. This skill has absolutely no consequences apart from not needing to pay for hold luggage once a year.

Finding room on a busy clothes horse

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do you roll clothes up

Alright, cowboy

Don’t worry friend, Your magnificent beard will surely soften the blow. Like a lovely face pillow.

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You better get on your clothes horse and drink your uh, milk.

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Just only take the bare minimum, and yep, roll clothes. Helped that I went in the summer so didn’t need any coats or anything.

I really need to try this. But… I’m scared niki, I don’t think I can do it.

probably a top 5 ed miliband impersonator.

Whilst filling up with Petrol stopping the pump exactly on £40 without slowing down.