All the small things

jealous. always fuck it up.

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Guessing the price of a trolley of shopping at the checkout. Also pretty good at guessing the bill at a restaurant but mainly the trolley one. Regardless of supermarket too

It’s a good skill for sure but you’ve shown yourself up by filling to a monetary value rather than a specific litreage. Motoring amateurism of the highest (lowest) order.

I am great at remembering where any insignificant thing is in a room, or more specifically also drawers and cupboards. So long as someone else hasn’t moved it I can locate anything with ease.

I was going to say ‘knowing which door to use on a tube train to allow for a swift exit’, but actually, that is not irrelevant to day-to-day life.


If you are planning on running an adult education class on honing this skill then count me in

I can do this thing where I whistle and hum at the same time and it sounds like a spaceship!

Being the first person off a train. If I’m in the first/last carriage, get off at the very first/last set of doors, and be already holding the door open button down before the light comes on, so the door opens instantaneously and my foot and head come straight out of the door as it is opening. Always look down the platform as I do this and take great pleasure in the second or two of complete platform emptiness I get to witness before scores of other passengers all emerge at the same time.

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This sounds excellent. Maybe you could learn to do this

Jaywalking - I’m like an unpaid lollipop lady with how inspirational to those around me I am to cross at the opportune moment.

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my wife has a similar one to this - claims to be the best person in the world at knowing which point is the optimal point to cross any given road so as to be walking the most direct route possible instead of conforming to the vagaries of how streets are laid out.

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The puzzles in the puzzle section of the i

The TV and I also play the ‘guess the shopping total’ game. She is pretty shit at it, wildly overinflates the price, and I win every time


squeezes trigger a little bit


squeezes trigger softly


squeezes trigger softly




used to work in a petrol station when i was a youngun and people would always try to not pay the extra few pennies


OMG, I worked in a cheese shop and once a guy came in and said, “i have £1.57 and I would like this cheese please” *points to a specific cheese* So I cut a slice of the cheese, whack it on the scales and BOOM £1.57 exactly. I’m sad to say this is my proudest moment to date.


I can name any football stadium in the UK just from a photo of one stand. This knowledge is irrelevant.

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I’m very good at avoiding people I don’t want to talk to who are walking in the opposite direction to me by positioning a lamp-post between us and then walking at the same speed as them thus ensuring that the lamp-post stays between our line of vision.


Was he just standing there, mouth agape in wonder?