All the small things

He and his friends were very impressed yes. I’d like to say I played it cool but nope.

Cardiff City Stadium. Too easy :slight_smile:

Before I got a work mug, I used to make two disposable cardboard cups of tea at a time. I perfected the art of throwing two teabags simultaneously with one hand from a few feet away and landing one in each cup.

Fair play.

How far down the ladder does this apply in each country?

  • I fill my car to a certain monetary amount
  • I fill my car to a certain litre/gallon amount
  • I fill my car to the brim (tory)

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not on carbook mate

I don’t drive, although I did work in a petrol station once, and I know that the acme of this is both 1 and 3 together.

I’m pretty good at timing things in my head. Quite often I’ll put something on in the oven then get a nagging unease that I’ve forgotten to set the timer a few seconds before it goes off.

That was about 30 seconds of typing.

And I should point out that after that astronaut thing with David-Bowie-in-space man on the telly the other month. I now know that this is an important skill to be an astronaut. But since I can barely swim, am scared of heights, am heroically unfit and don’t want to be a spaceman my timing skills count as suitably irrelevant.

Ginwine lyrics that missed the cut.

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Give me a number between 1 and 300. And I will describe the cover of that issue of Amazing Spider-Man. And possibly Avengers, X-Men, Iron Man and others.

In this country, every league from Premier to Conference. In Scotland all four leagues.

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Tying knots in balloons

Reckon I could be a professional balloon blower upper and knotter if there were such a thing


I would LOVE to have this skill. Never been able to master the perfect balloon tie.


Filling to the brim is filling to a certain litre/gallon amount

@meths can identify any Beatles song from the first 0.1 seconds.


I am terrible at both of these things.

thinks about blowing up balloons

ahhh horrible cheek feelings

can’t even blow balloons up mate, i just can’t do it, no idea why

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