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I saw Stir of Echoes last night too - absolutely loved it. Agree about Kevin Bacon, he’s never had an Oscar nomination which seems strange considering how long and varied his career’s been. I think I have a thing for ‘ordinary person’s house gets ruined’ - was well into it, much like Of Unknown Origin. I thought it had some decent jump scares too and some decent visuals - loved the blood red filter when he first starts breaking down. Really liked it


Damn straight - he’s done the full range of serious stuff, genre stuff, comedy stuff. I think the one where he was really robbed was Mystic River - there seemed to be a campaign to get Sean Penn (who everyone knew by that stage was a massive prick) the Oscar whereas Kev was easily the best thing in that film :woman_shrugging:


On the upside for him, that does mean he’s only one degree of separation from an Oscar winner

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Watched last night, Suitable Flesh…

This is purposefully highly 80s stylised, in particular recalling Reanimator whose star Barbara Crampton is also in this. Don’t see padded cells in films much anymore do you? The storyline of this is quite…slight, but the vibe and a sprinkling of gore keeps it chugging along. The real sell is the onscreen chemistry between Heather Graham and Barbara Crampton who both lean heavily into the campy nature of the film. Not a must see, but a fun enough homage to 80s VHS classics. 6/10


Kevin Bacon deserves an Oscar for his hair. Consistently fabulous. I don’t have any hair anymore, but I don’t begrudge him his.


The Haunting 1999 is laughable. Truly awful


So bad!

Opera’s great. Argento’s a perfect fit for it. There’s some ridiculously jarring mood transitions though! Some amazing table-level shots too (the one where it just keeps going back forever is beautiful). Very much a 7/10 Hitchcock feel to the whole thing, which to me is fun. Love how utterly bombastic it was.

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Not sure if this is the right place but here’s links to the source texts for Cabinet of Curiosities:

Thanksgiving is an Eli Roth one? Hmm…

Not sure this has been asked but whats everyones ultimate favourite?

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The Haunting, The Shining, The Beyond, Suspiria…

Watched this earlier this week and I’d be lying if I said I wasn’t a little disappointed, although its disregard for conventional narrative was much what I’d expected. It does look and sound amazing, but I think the lack of a more easily perceived story just left me wanting more. A couple of things I read about it really struck me - 1) maybe there is no grand mystery to be solved here so trying to construct a narrative out of the various elements might ultimately be fruitless and 2) it might work better as an art installation rather than as a 90 minute movie… A lot to enjoy but not quite enough to really do it for me…


Have never been able to definitively choose between Evil Dead II and Rosemary’s Baby

Jacobs Ladder, Hellraiser, Dead Of Night (1945 version obvs)

His first film since that woeful Death Wish remake.

It’s had decent reviews fwiw

Halloween for me.

Watched yesterday: Amityville Gas Chamber. Fortunately, this is not a Nazi atrocity-themed installment in the series. Instead, it’s a provocative title masking just under 90 minutes of a guy (Mike Stone of Rotted Reviews) sitting by himself, reading Jay Anson’s original Amityville novel, while Amityville-related trivia pops up at the bottom of the screen. Oh, and he farts. A lot. (Actually, the trivia track states that only one of the farts is real, so make of that what you will). Some might have this as a super-self-aware takedown of the Amityville phenomenon, a parody that arguably holds a mirror up to the franchise’s audience and confronts them with what they’ve become. Sadly, the ‘joke’ wears thin after the first piece of trivia vanishes from the screen and you realize that you’re in for a very long, very stinky evening. Still, no misogyny or racism, so let’s be grateful for small mercies. Apparently the DVD comes with a commentary track. It’s a weird world…


All time? This is new thread territory man!

Scream or The Thing anyway

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Watched last night, Summoning Sylvia…

Did not know much about this going in and fair to say it was not the film I was expecting. Billed as a horror comedy, which obviously comes with the usual pitfall of making something scary enough while also funny enough, this leans firmly into the comedy side. As such, it is actually hilarious throughout - the set up of a gay batchelor party in a haunted house provides the setting for some properly good jokes. The scares are limited to a few jump scares and some creepy seance scenes, but this does use a nice split timeline approach to reveal the details of the haunting origins. At only 75 minutes, this absolutely ripped along. Watch for the laughs rather than the scares. 7/10