🦴 All the spooky kids in here - The Rolling Horror Thread 2023... 🦴


last one was shit anyway but even if it was the best film ever I wouldn’t touch it after this.

Fuck that’s shit

Can’t see this being anything but a mess between this and the strike delays


‘Girl wakes up alone in a room held captive by a strange man’ isn’t quite the novel premise a lot of films seem to think it is given how frequent these films are but there’s something about this one where it delivers and more

It’s properly low budget and the acting is a bit whiffy to say the least, but it’s populated with little clues and red herrings, some more obvious than others, where even after the reveal and post reveal, rather than groaning you’re actually like ‘ohhhh’. It’s a decent puzzle of a film. Amazon and 75 minutes long

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thought ANOES 4 proper dropped the ball. Just runs through characters without giving you a chance to care and has nowhere near the inventiveness of the others. The roach motel bit was good but other than that, nahh not for me

lead character was on MILF Manor this year


Apparently Jenna Ortega quit months ago so what exactly is it going to be about? One of the side characters I could not name on my cat’s life?


I was looking forward to you getting to this one as I was hoping you might see something amazing in it that might make me appreciate it more. But it doesn’t sound like it; this is definitely where the rot sets in and it takes a while for them to get back on track… Cool effects though, from what I recall…

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Yeah its a really odd one, now I’ve had a bit of type to reflect on it. I think Freddy’s a bit of a let down in it - it’s definitely predictable now when he’s showing up but all he does here are quips said in a sinister voice. it’s an odd blend of the monster/comedy villain.

I think the central idea of a main character gaining strength from past victims to fight him is actually decent but it’s executed pretty poorly and the character is just…drippy. Compared to the last film where you grew to really root and care for the kids in this and here, they’re dispatched like a check list until the worst one is left standing

what I do like at least about these is that each film does try something a bit different so even if not always successful, at least you’re not sure going in what to expect

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Totally agree about them trying something different and think the same is true for the later F13 sequels - they’re rarely completely successful, but at least they try to do something different with the formula.

Watched Titane again and loved it even more second time around.


Watched last night, No One Gets Out Alive…

This one had passed me by until being recommended up ^there which is surprising as it’s pretty good. Starts off with a dose of social commentary with an undocumented protagonist arriving in snowy Cleveland and immediately falling prey to exploitation. Then morphs into a very effective creepy house tale - there are some genuinely chilly scares in this. This is from a a book by the same guy who wrote The Ritual and it has similar folkloric elements to that. The final reveal of the big bad in this reminded me quite a lot of that in The Ritual - which is a good thing. The ending is pleasingly bloody and open ended - only criticism is that at only 87 minutes long not THAT much actually happens during the runtime. 7/10



Anyone know if Unhinged from 1982 is onlone ANYWHERE? Could only find an overdubbed in Spanish version

Anyway, watched these yesterday

Nest of the Cuckoo Birds - a Winding Refn restored one for Mubi. Guy has to stay in a dodgy hotel avoiding the naked masked killer. As with all NWR restored stuff, its shonky, low budget as fuck and filled with flaws and mistakes but theres something quite charming and fascinating about it all.

Meander - I find ‘person stuck in a room and has to get out’ films quite dull usually but this at least had some story. First half is dull but then it adds some new elements and it ends up pretty decent. On all4

Black Friday - The Mist meets Society? I’m in! Proper B Movie flick but it has some decent characters and story and has a nicely different ending. Only thing is that you wanted it to be a bit more Dead Rising at times and when the chaos is fun and shambolic at the start, the toy store setting couldve been used a lot more. Bruce Campbell looks like Bruce Forsyth now

Pieces - I was sort of half paying attention as it was late and I was doing something else so I felt a bit nonplussed by it but after reflecting, think its a lot better. For an 80s slasher, the gore is used really quite well - only flashes of it but what you see is a real ‘blimey’ and an excellent ending

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I remember not being blown away by Pieces the first time I saw it. A local horror night chose it as their opening film and the host really talked it up but about halfway through I was like, what is this film? So of course, I bought a fancy Blu Ray of it, watched it another couple of times and now I love it.

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Yes!!! And the encounter with the kung fu professor?!?

Great career that lads had

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Re-Enter the Dragon! :laughing:

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One of my favorite sub genres!

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Absolutely loved this, the combination of weird atmospherics (including the music) and Milligan-esque overdone melodramatic dialogue really worked perfectly for me. Favourite thing NWR has restored so far, and a really great oddity imo

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Shanty Tramps my favourite I think, seems he’s looked at Night Tide too which is genuinely great

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