🦴 All the spooky kids in here - The Rolling Horror Thread 2023... 🦴

Of course! I should know that given it is the status of most of the things in my life.

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It’s funny, I was listening to the folk on the A Year in Horror podcast rhapsodising over how much they enjoyed this, which had me wanting to check it out again. I have to say, from what I recall, I remember it being very generic and agree that there was nothing in it that made me want to watch any of the sequels.

Watched last night: The Phantom Carriage. Had hoped to watch this on New Year’s Eve as that’s when it was set, but apparently it was originally released on New Year’s Day (102 years ago!) so that works too. This is a somewhat Christmas Carol-esque tale of the redemption of a pretty reprehensible character who fucks up life for his family and consistently rejects the help of an angelic Salvation Army worker who is determined to help him find redemption. The central conceit here focuses on the legend that the last person to die on New Year’s Eve is cursed with driving Death’s carriage for the following year. In this instance, this provides an opportunity for our protagonist to be made aware of quite how badly he’s gone astray. I love silent film and this is another classic. It ladles on the atmosphere and the special effects for the carriage and the recently departed souls leaving their bodies is just magical. The story device is rather sophisticated too, with lots of nested stories that provides a level of narrative intrigue that felt ahead of its time. Definitely recommended and a good choice if you’re looking for something spookily seasonal but don’t want another adaptation of a Christmas Carol.


I wouldn’t rush back! I read they wanted to do a 70s style film and it does have that sensibility but it was really lacking tension or even the gore - a long chase movie really. A bad film imo

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The Thing ending

You cant blur polls so mild SPOILERS BELOW

  • MacReady is a thing
  • Childs is a thing
  • Neither
  • Both are

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How far did you get?

Edit: no big spoilers here, but I’d advise @sarahispi not to unblur yet

I finished and largely enjoyed it, but the final part was certainly the weakest. There was an authorial decision there that I wasn’t really on board with at all.

same caveat that it’s ages since I read it but I only have a vague memory of some basketball, not enough to have majorly pissed me off at any rate. The big issue for me was that the last, I don’t know, 20%? of the book switches to an entirely new viewpoint character and you’re supposed to care for her in a Final Girl sort of way, but I was just like sorry, who is this? throughout the climactic scenes. Really deflating.

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The Thing (2011) is really zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

We’re just over an hour into Barbarian (currently on Disney+). And I’m on my phone because I’m too scared to look at the TV screen right now :smile:


Didn’t like Eaten Alive (1980) much at all. A woman goes to find her sister who has been indoctrinated into a cult by a Jim Jones-esque figure deep in the jungle. Considering the name, it’s not really a cannibal film but more of an adventure type film where along the way they come across Western representation of tribespeople and far far too many shots of violence involving animals. Bad

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When I read that most of the practical effects work was replaced with CGI my desire to see it faded away. The PS2 game from the mid-2000s is good though, well creepy.

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I took a photo! They were laughably bad. Might try see if the PS2 game is available though


Poking about on IMDB and found this upcoming film

Yer las and yer man from Worst Person in the World? yes please


ooh, that’s an adaptation of a John Ajvide Lingqvist book! Let The Right One In turned out alright, and tbh I thought this was a better novel than that

I’ve not read a huge amount else by him other than a short story collection I remember having a really transphobic story that put me off reading anything else by him

oooh blimey, didn’t know about that. I liked the novels I’ve read, don’t think there was anything especially problematic in them but tbh it was a while ago I read them

there was a story (forgotten the name) about a border control person who can just sense when something’s off with someone and there’s one person where the thing that’s off about him is he’s trans? I also remember the stuff about Eli from LTROI being an AMAB intersex person who presents female being handled a bit… odd? been a while since I read it.

It’s more than fifteen years since I read LTROI, so no idea on that anymore apart from the big picture storyline, but the description of that story rang a bell. Haven’t read it, but was it the source for this?

Didn’t like it, gave it two stars on Letterboxd

I really don’t know. I watched another film by this director at LIFF called Holy Spider which was good but not a horror. Also, he’s directing some episodes of The Last of Us TV series.

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