🦴 All the spooky kids in here - The Rolling Horror Thread 2023... 🦴

The monologue and the long closing shot, perfecto

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Yeahhh that closing shot was properly manic! Loved spotting all the nods to the previous film too.

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More thoughts later, but I’m thinking my Scream rankings would be

1 >>> 5 > 4 > 2 >> 6 >>>>>> 3

6 was actively enjoyable but plenty of flaws, 3 is the only bad one of the bunch

Definitely need to rewatch 4, cannot remember it at all

Weekend’s watches:

Pearl - yeah this is as good as everyone has said. I loved the look and sound of it, genuinely felt like it could’ve been a Sirk film rather than a 2022 film masquerading as that (Marlowe). Intrigued a lot by Maxxxine to see how Howard comes into it more

Nocebo - seen people be a bit muted about this but I really liked it. Think they gave away the motivations of the helper a bit too early but it was good to see a South East Asian horror in this way. Hated that little girl 'Bobs’though

Infinity Pool - loved this. Think the whole ‘most out there film of the year’ is a bit much but I went in blind and loved where it went. Think Mia Goth might be better in this than Pearl - theres a scene of her on a car bonnet being so obnoxious, its great. The orgy scene is brilliantly done too

Sound of Violence - liked this too! A girl who finds her deafness is helped by violence goes about things. Think the central pulse of the story is a bit muddled but it goes a lot darker and grislier than I thought . Pretty much a 70s/80s almost giallo like film made recently.

Good weekend


Good selection there :+1:

I was a bit down on Nocebo bit I suspect I had overhyped it a bit to myself tbf…

Impressive filmography the new queen of horror has already established :open_mouth:


Yeah I did see your post. Do agree that the first half is stronger but it kept me entertained throughout. Think oddly helped that I had it in mind it was gonna be average and also I thought it was going to be about something completely different so when the element of Diana’s character was introduced, I was for it. Mark Strong seemed to be in an oddly underwritten part though

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I need to see A Cure for Wellness which isnt mentioned there too

It’s number eight. Good film :+1:

loved Infinity Pool, glad you liked it

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Oh it only loaded the top 6 on my phone

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Yeah its great isnt it! Think its out proper next week

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thought Scream 6 was a bit rubbish. way too many people running around seemingly completely alive having been stabbed INSANE amounts of times


Really hyped for Infinity Pool now

Maxxxine too, must be one of the weirder trilogies where it seems loads of people were shrug about the first, bang into the second, so the third really feels wide open for anything to happen


in a relationship with Shia Lebouef though :frowning:

She’s a hometown hero around here (New Cross) and SLB has a great record for getting into fights whenever he visits my local pub with her :rofl:

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I’m really starting to hate the new-gen Scream films, but don’t want to be a wet blanket about it either if people are enjoying them. Just not for me at all, very ‘formulaic’ which is kind of what the original was not

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Thought I’d go for some found-footage. The Outwaters - I was pretty frustrated by it unfortunately.

The first 30 minutes is just meaningless dicking around by the characters, and none of them are interesting. The setup, that they’re going to shoot a music video in the desert, is way too thin for a film that’s 110 minutes long. I was into some of the scares but there’s lots of stuff I expect to be better in this type of film nowadays.

Not seen many films this year and feel like they’ve been quite bad too. Oh well. High hopes for Infinity Pool next week.


Planning to give Deep Red a go tonight; have somehow managed to avoid any significant spoilers about this, so am well up for it.