🦴 All the spooky kids in here - The Rolling Horror Thread 2023... 🦴

The last point is what broke the film for me

i thought she was seeing her but really it was the spirits preying on her weakness apparently

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Haven’t watched it yet, but just found out that you can see Julia Ducournau’s pre-Raw short film online -

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Anyone seen A Haunting In Venice? Quite interested but also think it will either be a good bit of naff or utterly up itself

So, is the idea they weren’t actually communicating with dead people but evil spirits instead? That wasn’t properly explained if so, and also the last shot would contradict it

I can’t say I know haha. See, its a bit of a mess at heart!

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Yeah lol, ok I am downgrading my ‘it’s well-made’ to ‘it looks good but doesn’t add up’

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If I didn’t have my policy on ‘no rewatches’ except for very specific reasons, I’d put it on again. We will revisit this in 15 years!


Not sure a single horror really adds up honestly! I always have my suspension of disbelief meter at max as soon as I start one

(And that’s why I can sit through some real trash slashers)

Think slashers are very different tbh you go in expecting little story but just good kills whwreas Talk To Me is very story driven

Don’t come to me for consistent opinions pal!

FWIW I liked Talk to Me a lot and happily went with the flow and twists, but didn’t find it amazing either

Mostly pleased at how visceral it was in parts and like @Sgreen said actually creepy or scary etc - weirdly rare for horrors at times

Oi mate! Okay!

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It took me a while to fall for Raw. My first watch, I was like, yeah, clearly very well made but not sure this is for me. Nevertheless, felt compelled to check it out again. And again. And now I pretty much love it. Should probably give Titane another go at some point…

I felt Titane was a bit of the antithesis of Raw tbh. Raw was very much a lure in, see whats happening whereas Titante just flung it in your face

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JC’s first Masters Of Horror episode is easily the best thing he’s done since In The Mouth Of Madness so hope there at least :+1:

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Yeah, that was my experience too but I know how well thought of it is, maybe I should give it another go too.

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We watched it this afternoon. Cant make the spoiler text work so that’s all I can say! Balls

I got Second Sight’s Blu Ray of it without having seen it, because I just assumed I’d like it. Not sure if it was all the contextual material that helped me get into it or me simply trying to justify to myself having spent money for a film I didn’t like straight off. :wink:


It’s probably not strictly speaking a horror film but I saw What Ever Happened To Baby Jane? last night and enjoyed it greatly. Very interesting to watch after seeing Pearl this year which I know it was a huge influence.


Some real peak acting in there