All the themes have gone weird

only got the choice of dark themes where you can hardly see anything

Pls fix

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As far as I can see there’s nothing in the settings that’s doing this. Will message Discord tomorrow morning if it’s still weird by then.

Wonder if it’s adverts.

Can you boost @anon42112221 to get Lounge access and see if it still happens?

It’s gone weird for me too so I hardly think that’s the issue

harru fixed it

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@jomaxro is this something you can help us with?

Oh I changed the dark mode default to greyskull yesterday as there was no default set. I’ll undo it now and see if that fixes it.

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Where aarrrreeee you nooooooooooow
When I neeeeeeeeed you

Are they still weird btw?

Don’t think so. Not for me anyway, and people have stopped complaining about it so I’ve taken that as a good sign!

if wr’s aren’t weird then i think we’re good because you can’t have weird without wr ya get me

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No worries! We think it’s ok now, thanks :blush:

oh, btw

dunno if it’s been mentioned, but you often can’t see who a reply is too on Vincent on the mobile site?