All things Janet Weiss related (Quasi, The Jicks, Slang, ex-S-K)

Wish I didn’t have to start a thread that’s not new album excitement, but I didn’t realise but her car accident was more serious than I’d realised, and there’s a go fund me for her:

Get well soon Janet! :heart:


One of my ultimate dreams is I get to hear the unreleased drums only album she did with a few other indie drummers. ONE DAY.

Always thought this song was a bit bloody lovely

that’s very sad news! I love Quasi

Yeah the photos she posted on Instagram gave me the shivers! Horrendous! :frowning:

I feel intensely guilty I can’t really afford to donate to her fundraiser rn. What a fucking country that makes people pay for medical care, I mean I know it’s not news but every time I hear about it it just shocks me again.

She’s clearly one of the best, both as a person and a musician, I really hope she gets back on her feet

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Also - and I guess I’m probably quite naive about the realities of being a musician in the current landscape - but I still can’t get my head around someone in a band of S-K’s stature, not to mention one of the greatest drummers of the last 30 years, having a day job.

It’s not just the current landscape. I watched the L7 documentary and they said after a European tour selling out 2K capacity arenas every night and playing decent slots at festivals they came home with £500 each

Not sure if you’re talking about the Drumgasm album, or maybe there’s a different one?

!!! I’m pretty sure that’s it (although I always thought it was with the drummer from liars) omg I can’t wait to listen, thank you!