All this killer/creepy clown stuff


All a bit strange, innit? Is it just bored kids or are there some more sinister getting involved too? Anyone here seen any creepy clowns on their travels?


Not really sure what’s going on, just noticing people talking about clowns a bit more recently, what’s happening?


Fairly sure it’s all viral marketing for this:



Various people across the US (and now seemingly the UK) are dressing up as scary clowns and lurking around street corners, chasing after kids by offering them sweets and (in some cases) brandishing knives. It will probably get worse in the run up to Halloween.



There was someone in a Ghostface/Scream mask when I was cycling through our local park recently (midday on a Sunday). Seems like a bit of a shitty craze.


It’s all just part of the planned decent into nightmarish dystopia. Carry on as normal.


Does it have anything to do with those NOW YOU KNOW YOU THE TRUTH posters?


Doesn’t sound decent at all!


Just wankers basically. Here’s Vice’s take on it…


Love those USING YOUR LEGAL NAME IS ILLEGAL posters. Massive grin every time I see one.


they missed a trick by not including “MAKE U THINK”


trying to find that scene from Louie where he and his kids gets freaked out by those guys in the scary masks.

can’t find it @Antpocalypsenow ? you know the one…


I don’t know what they’re about, but I like it that way. Someone must be spending a small fortune on it.


I can’t edit it now can I!


I know the one mate, it’s a blinding scene. From Halloween/Ellie. Let me see if I can dig it up somewhere…


It is quite interesting.


And for, erm, balance:

EDIT: sample quote: “When pair-ents (two minds) or payer-rents choose to REGISTER their children, they are LITERALLY trading off the life source of the being that is SUCKED into that body in this reality for the whore of Baby-loans LEGAL NAME dead child, in essence, ADOPTING Satan’s child in LLEU of heaven’s child. The Laws-R-us effect, raising the dead NAME DEMON and razing the living consciousness you THINK of as YOU and every other human being as well as all sentient life in this reality. In short, YOU offer up your living child as a sacrifice to Satan while your living child commits sign after sign (sin upon sin) and ADOPT the dead LEGAL DEMON literally breathing life into evil with every creation thenceforth.”