All-Time Great Social Board Posts

box box :sob:

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Trevor McDonald

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there’s some really horrible posting about women in that thread


that’s absolutely done me.

Hmm, this is pretty fucking racist imo


yeah that’s disgusting

this thread needs to die, really. the old boards were mainly shit.


Yeah, I can’t find it either, it was Chintzy who posted it. I still use ‘here we go’ with her as our primary means of communication.


Just read through that thread, it’s weird how differently people post compared to back then. Would like to see the old board gone tbh.


I know questioning whether something is actually racist or not is usually bad, and that DKWYAP account was a parody, but based on the reactions of the (mostly good and decent) posters in that thread was the comedy not from the absurdity of the answer, rather than the fact Trevor McDonald is black? I feel like something that obviously racist would have been called out, even on the old boards.

Idk I could be wrong and if I’m right it’s still a pretty naive answer.

What the hell was my Batman post about? I have no recollection of it.

In a way it’s a nice reminder that people can change, and rapidly too.

on the other hand, it’s trash and should be removed from the internet.

The joke is predicated on an outdated and racist term for black people being applied to a black person

“Its funny because I could even imagine, and its absurd that, anyone could provide a racist answer to the question”

doesn’t really fly with me sorry


All time favourites have to be Stealth Bomber, Stealth BOmber on the old board and Justin Casablancas on the new. Both made me laugh embarrassingly at work



Yeah, fair enough I guess. Don’t want to defend it - was just surprised at how many people found it funny and wanted to give them (and OP) the benefit of the doubt I guess?

Not sure the old board deserves the benefit of the doubt tbh!

Massive overreaction. There’s lots of crap on the Internet, that’s a given. Not all of the old board was crap (much of the new board is crap too anyway). No need to censor everything you don’t agree with. Plus there’s lots of content on the old boards that people invested lots of time in creating.

Aye, old board but lots of people who still post now

It wouldn’t be censorship so much has taking a gigantic shit. Imagine everything you ever said or did as a teenager was recorded and lay in a publically accessible library - that’s what it is, to a lot of us. As that box box thing nicely demonstrates, even the funny moments are soured by the musky, musos-with-Nuts-subscriptions atmosphere that dominated the boards back then. Honestly some of the stuff you can find on there could be ruining for some people - as a certain former MP found out recently.

A collorary to this is that maintaining the old site as an archive is one of the most significant drains on Sean’s pocket. It should be gotten rid of for all sorts of reasons.