All You Can Eat

Used to do these a lot as a student, but at some point realised that they induced nothing but misery.

Funny when the name changed from “all you can eat” to “eat as much as you like” in a lot of places to take the competitive health-risking element out of it.

In this thread I will allow chat about:

  • All you can eat buffets.
  • Those competitive eating things where if you finish your meal, you don’t have to pay for it.

Go nuts

Straight to the meat, ignore the potatoes



All you can eat buffets are extremely good IMO but I rarely every go to them.

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best kind of eating establishment.

favourite all you can eat buffet? Peter’s Palace in Woking (RIP). I remember bringing our own plates to eat there for some reason.

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Usually very turned off by these deals. However, I do go a bit nuts in breakfast buffets on the rare occasions I stay in a hotel.


Not a fan.

There’s a boat that sails out on the Waal in Nijmegen which is an all-you-can-eat pancake-boat and I am tempted despite my better judgement.

1.5 hours of pancakes and miscellaneous toppings.


Good point! There I was being all high and mighty about all you can eat, but if I’m at a hotel I’m eating so much that the day’s a write off.

Big fan of Mr Wu’s all you can eat in Chinatown. 8 quid for a couple of days worth of food. If you don’t feel pain and discomfort from the amount of food you’ve stuffed down your gullet you haven’t done things properly.

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They’re generally disappointing aren’t they? Saying that I used to live next to a really good Chinese one in oxford and they’d sell you a takeaway box for £6 so you could cram it full of whatever you wanted. I’d get about 20 sui mai and then a layer of spring rolls and satay sauce.

In China we always eat at a big round table with a lazy Susan and about 25 dishes so it feels like I’m having a Chinese buffet for every meal. :pregnant_woman:

good all you can eat: barbeque / decent hotel breakfast / occasionally pizza
bad all you can eat: everything else


There are plenty of Chinese restaurants around here that are in the same price range as the all you can eats. They are also nicer, and I have never felt underfed after eating at them. Ditto pizza. Breakfast is the only worthwhile buffet

just an opportunity for wankers to brag about how much they can eat/make a big deal about going up for 10 plates eh?

definitely a correlation between “spice warriors” and those who enjoy this kind of place, turning eating into some sort of macho pursuit or endurance test has always seemed bizarre to me


JRC Global Buffet in the Wood Green shopping centre has absolutely insanely long queues for it. I should probably go in there once to eat some food.

Had an amazing Mediterranean ayce buffet the other week. Probably ate my body weight in gyro. Feel asleep at work after, woke up, went home and ate leftover birthday cake

Great day


I feel like I’d get a bad deal at these places because ‘all i can eat’ is not a lot. I don’t think I’ve ever actually been to one as a result

is it gyro day, tom?


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Are all you can eat buffets more wasteful than other forms of dining I wonder. You’d think so but, perhaps not.

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