Allergic to anything? If so, what?

Easy enough question tbh, you don’t need me to explain it to you. Answer below.


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Not anymore but I used to be.

I’m allergic to failure



Cucumber no one ever believes me but i am.

If i was making it up it would be something much more extravagant


Edited the thread title for all you wisenheimers.


Nope. I am very fortunate.

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Same here. But then I think sometimes that I’ve never been stung by a wasp, so the law of averages says there’s a high chance that that’s what I’m allergic to and I’ll instantly die.

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It was shellfish, thank you, quite severe with a very mild allergy to all other fish.

Cleared up after about 10 years which was certainly a relief on the night I decided to just eat some prawns anyway when I was home alone one time.

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Something that is present in lots of fruits:

Strawberries, melon, sometimes cucumber.

Makes my throat tight and I get really itchy sinuses

Ive been stung by a wasp and a bee. No allergic reaction so you might be OK. :crossed_fingers: Nevertheless please be careful not to get stung just incase!

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Bad business

I’m well into that wild recklessness. Amazing work


Oh I suspect I have an allergy to something to do with chillies too - but not sure it’s generally all chillies so every day’s a gamble (as to whether I’ll have a very bad but brief cough)

Oh i did have an anaphylactic reaction to a immunotherapy medication once, fortunately i was on drip in hospital so they were able to stop it quickly. I guess im allergic to that (rituximab) but i can very easily avoid it.

dogs but much less so
dust a bit
tomato a bit

cats are the only thing that really fucks me up