What allergies are holding you back? (And I mean actual allergies not just dislikes etc)

Been allergic to cats probably since my early 20s. This makes me properly sad as I’d love a cat. Can handle stroking them as long as I wash my hands before touching my face, otherwise I get itchy eyes and a runny nose.

I’ve discovered a new allergy over the last month. Had a weird thing with my left eye that seemed like it was an infection that wouldn’t go away. Eventually an optician suggested it might be an allergy and sure enough antihistamines worked. I suspect it’s an allergy to feathers inside pilllows and duvets but I can’t be sure.

Tell us about your allergies.

When they did the prick test* it came up positive for cat and dog saliva, cat and dog hair, trees, grasses, histamine, and the water negative control.

The patch testing came back all negative though.

*Yes, it confirmed that I’m a prick

Were you aware that you were allergic to cats and dogs?

No, I thought they were tears of joy.


I have officially redefined what an allergy is, so anything that results in you having an anaphylactic shock is an allergy and if it doesn’t, it isn’t. So am allergy free!

I don’t react well to lanolin but I’m not sure if that’s an allergy or not.

Now now, that’s not true. Of course people will make the mistake of confusing irritants with allergies but I don’t think I have the energy to argue today.

Shellfish (but not mollusks so can still eat muscles)
Tree Nuts
Bananas, Avocados and Mangos (apparently they’re all linked?)

It’s shite. I love them all :cry:

Oh, and the opthalmologist reckons this recurring eye thing I get is an allergic reaction to something, but I disagree because it is completely non-responsive to anti-histamines (oral and topical) but does respond to steroid drops.

But what do I know.

Can you describe the eye thing? I’d be interested to see if it’s the same as mine.

Apparently, according to some doctors in my youth, I’m allergic to dust mites. I’m not sure that everyone isn’t, but I’m a true joy to be around if I’m cleaning a really dusty surface. I’m also allergic to grass pollen and on sporadic occasions have experienced hay fever type symptoms around a particular illicit herb. Pretty sure I’m not allergic to any foods.

Severe redness and inflammation of the eyeball and eyelids. Incredibly itchy and a bit painful. Comes on very rapidly.

Usually go to some kind of emergency doctor, they freak out and say it’s a scleritis or uveitis and refer me to a consultant. By which point I’ve usually got bacterial conjunctivitis too, so they think it’s that, but then that goes away with treatment and the underlying problem sticks around until I convince them to give me steroid drops, which fixes it in a couple of days.

None that I’m aware of

Hmm that’s not quite like mine but sounds awful.

I’d genuinely rather break another bone than have it again.

Just the ol’ summertime hay. Is that an allergy? I guess so. ‘Fever’ is a bit strong innit.

Absolutely nothing and I am grateful for it.


Just penicillin.

That was fun to discover when I got tonsillitis for the first time.

I had a recently allergic reaction to a certain type of antihistamines.

Quite annoying/stressful/scary.

That’s unfortunate! But presumably it’s just to one and you’re ok with others?