Recently I seem to have become allergic to oxygen. Something in the flat makes my eyes tighten up and go all itchy and bloodshot. But now I’m outside and my nose is running and really tickley, wtf is it?

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It’s like I’ve got hayfever in November

Often just sitting on the settee I’ll get a welt appear on my inner arm

Mould? It still affects people for a while after so maybe that’s why its bad outside too. Also have you tried eliminating things from your diet? Could be that, cut out dairy for a few days, then gluten etc until you notice a difference

Oh maybe not mould if you have welts. Maybe food

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i’m like this a lot of the time (no welts though)

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Sneezing and watery eyed now but that’s because im tidying up dusty stuff

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yeah dust does me in good and proper

Sure it’s not going from cool to warm environments (or vice versa) that’s causing it?

It’s something in the flat it seems. I suppose the boring answer is dust, but seems odd that the settee would be dusty

Have you got cushions? Might be feathers or a specific type of filling maybe

Settees will attract quite a lot of dust, ours does anyway. Get it wet cleaned maybe. You can rent a machine called Rug Doctor from some of the supermarkets which are pretty good. Deep clean the soft furnishings in the room, might sort it out.

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Yeah it might be dust mites rather than dust, and they live in pillows and mattresses so I reckon there’d be loads in a sofa too

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Look at this, you plug it in and it produces an ultrasonic signal that prevents the mites from mating somehow (wtf). Was all excited about buying it until I got to the price

Have you got an air filter? Make a big difference for me.

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I thought this sounded like absolute bollocks so I googled and yeah (tl;dr they do not deter/reduce dust mites)


Wow, can’t believe I just took it as fact.

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Today I sadly confirmed I am allergic to whatever they put in sugar free mint stuff, be it gum or just mints.

Fucking annoying I can tell you :weary:

I suffered through most of 2021 thinking I was allergic to being alive. Finally went to the doctor’s and complained mostly about sinus and eye issues. Got a steroid spray for my snorkel and have been fine ever since.

My advice: go to the doctor’s and complain mostly about sinus and eye issues until you get a steroid spray for your snorkel.

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Ah that’ll be it, my bastard snorkel


Here’s my theory. Couple of months ago we turned off our extractor fans because of the electricity usage. The combination of no extraction, less ventilation due to it now being cold meaning windows and door are closed as well as a lot of rainfall in that period has meant the flat is of a much greater humidity than usual, meaning the dust mite population has exploded. I’ve cracked it.

As in you get the shits?