Alligator gender reveal party


Saw the headline on the BBC website and initially thought it was a crazy US politics thing. Having read it I’m still not sure that I fully understand what’s going on. Just seems like an opportunity to show off that you have a pet alligator


‘The internet is awash with gender reveal videos, many garnering millions of views’

Well, that’s news to me.


:rofl: i thought they were revealing the gender of the alligator


Reckon the alligator is irked that the guy is wearing Crocs??


I reckon everyone present is irked that the guy is wearing crocs


Couldn’t decide whether to like this or ban request it.


My Dad attended a gender reveal party and expected me to know what it was. New one on me so I was very confused.

No alligators though.




Yeah same


Just watched the video. Weird people.


I’m the operator with my gendered alligator


Alligator gender reveal party > boxer gender reveal party > high violet gender reveal party > sad songs for dirty lovers gender reveal party


no u


This is on the sidebar as well!

It’s actually an enjoyable talk about the nature of ‘ownership’, not somebody falling in love with a toy donkey.


Is this one of those “the heterosexuals continue to live their wild lives” things


‘Look at what the heterosexuals have done to me now George!’


:grinning: Doing some great work today.


This may be your greatest ever post Jordo.


Bring your vodka and your charlie


More gender reveal party trouble