Allo Darlin' split up


Shame, I rather liked them, despite the daft name. Europe is a fantastic album.


Was just coming here to post that. Excellent band, there debut is still one of my very favourite albums which I return to regularly. Favourite memory is probably of a gig at the Brudenell on a dreary drizzly Monday night in the middle of winter which was just a lovely feel-good gig and (it felt like) no-one would leave until they did a second encore. Will be picking up ticket for the Scala, for sure.




first album was great, thought europe was shite


They were probably semi-accidentally my most seen band live. A few years ago they were constantly playing gigs which were relatively cheap. I’ve seen them around 15-20 times. Good band but more fun live.


Goodbye, sweetheart


Sad news, but it was unsurprising given that they no longer all live in the same country and are busy raising kids etc.

Really proud to have put them on four times in Leeds, including the Brud gig mentioned above. They always made for such a fun show. Gutted I won’t be able to get to the Scala gig.