alma mater thread; who are the famous alumni...

…from your University

a) from when you were there
b) in general


a) not sure
b) Rowan Atkinson. Difficult to think of many faces that are more well known globally. Everyone has seen Mr Bean.

Prince Charles :frowning:


a) Prince William
b) Emperor Palpatine


a) no idea
b) the British ruling class


Anita Roddick of Body Shop fame
Manolo Blahnik (might be honorary)
Hilary Mantel
Tristram Shapeero

That’s it. The band Kill It Kid were a year below me but they never really made it.


a) The lads from Reef, Lee Mack, Carl Barat, Kelly Sotherton, Audley Harrison
b) John McDonnel, Ralph Milliband, Iwan Thomas, James Cracknell, Jo Brand, Greg Davies, Eni Aluko, Tony Adams and Guillaume, Hereditary Grand Duke of Luxembourg

Not even on unibook


all time Imperial College London dogs:

  • Brian May
  • Simon Singh
  • a shitload of scientists

people from when i was there:

  • dunno
  • Nico Rosberg would have been in the year below me if he’d accepted a place, but he decided to pursue a career in F1 instead, feel he chose poorly

Dunno about uni but Ian McKellen and Alan Rickman went to my highschool

Bashar al-Assad’s wife
Kele Okereke

No one else

The one I did my stupid certificate thing at has Bernard Butler, Bruce Dickinson and Pete Doherty though. Amazing.

I used to think will carling went to my secondary school but it was just that we had a photo of another brown haired rugby player in the reception.


this is not the highschool thread rarity

(though oddly enough 3 of Reef did also go to my High School/6th form college)

King of the North and all around great lad, Jon Snow.

Also Peter Kay and Grimmy

Was your highschool Rasputin: Dark Servant of Destiny?

Look, it’s the only film they were in together.


He went to uni and still knows nothing hurrrr



Love how needy unis can get about this. Mine are claiming the voice of Simba (he was over for one semester. I served him a pint) and some chemistry Nobel Laureate who was also there for one semester, did no research of note, then went back to the US because his wife said the weather in Scotland was shite.


One of my uni pals is a world championship level sprinter for Italy, does that count? He’s got a Wikipedia