Alma's Not Normal

Never really start TV threads but just wanted to recommend this show written by Sophie Willan. Much darker themes than I was expecting but thought it was handled so well and it really made me laugh outloud a few times. Great cast. Really well done :clap:

Has anyone else seen it yet?


Binged all of this last week after reading the Guardian’s five star review. Loved it :+1:

Agree with it being darker than anticipated - the bit where the box arrived and she is presented with a power download of her early life really got to me for some reason..

Shout out to Leanne and the mum as being amazing comic supports.

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Only seen 2 eps but yeah a big fan already. Might lean a bit too much on the joke being ‘this person is from the North’ but a lot of good stuff about sex work and work in general.

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What’s it on?

iPlayer :+1:

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Also, shout out to the soundtrack which I’ve enjoyed a lot.

"I’m passionate about music on screen, and for me, particularly, I wanted to push as much as possible a female soundtrack with female leads. A lot of punk, riot girl sounds and just music that I felt was a bit different and represented Alma. When I was on the pilot, I put that list together myself, with some support from Chappers [Andrew Chaplin]. this time we have had the music supervisor, Karen Spearing, who has been great, and Chappers has been more involved with the music as well. Between the three of us, we have put together quite an exciting soundtrack. "

@Funkhouser have you started watching yet or is it still GG season exclusively?

Not yet, still on GG. might blast through it this weekend though actually.

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Yeah, its only 6 episodes and worth binging

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Big thanks for this suggestion, went and watched all 6 over the last 2 nights and loved it. As you said I found myself literally laughing out loud multiple times per episode. It takes a strong person with a deep understanding of those around them to write something so perceptive, let alone the bravery to have it closely mirroring their own story; it may be dark but is impactful and sincere, I really admire her courage and strength.

Now to spread the word about it. =]

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Just watched the first episode thanks to this thread and laughed a lot.


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This accompanied my first week of feeding Cleo at 3am. It was 10/10 great.

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Binged this a few weeks ago and absolutely loved it, she’s great, all the supporting cast are great (really really great in the case of her mum and her boyfriend, and her gran), the story is great and seeing Bolton on telly is great. We’d watched similarly funny/dark stuff recently, like Back To Life, Raised By Wolves and This Way Up (all excellent) but this was a standout, can’t recommend it enough.

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Alma’s mum’s speech in the last episode is fucking fantastic
put your little feet in your little socks and go downstairs. AGAIN.

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Yes! I loved that part


Hi … just made a note to watch this… Looks good!

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Finally getting round to this now.

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me too!


One episode down and I’m enjoying it a lot.