Almost a millionaire

I had a good idea for an app last night. Have done a tiny bit of research and there’s only one app out there doing the thing I’ve conceived - it’s got a terrible name and as a result no one has heard of it so there’s room for my smarter, better-named application.

Slightly more research later and its clear I need to do a substantial amount of work to make this a reality. Why is nothing easy? All I want is enough money to never have to work again, ffs.

How have you almost made it?

just gave up working really

I’m starting a raffle where 20 people will become a millionaire. Just need to give me your debit/credit card details to enter! The reason we use debit/credit cards is to be environmentally friendly, no paper trees will be harmed!


someone told me the other day that if you bought $5000 dollars worth of Netflx shares a few years back you would be a billionaire now or something

So I missed out by not recognising or capitalising on the huge growth potential of Netflix

Also by not realising in 1999, when I bought my first house that the market was not in fact topping out, and that I should have instead begged, borrowed and stealed as much money as I could to buy as many houses in Brighton as possible (becoming an evil but very rich scumbag landlord in the process)

What’s the idea?



I hope you can make it work saps. I would say you should get together with @zxcvbnm who is embedded in the tech industry and can probably get some of his lackeys to help bring this project to reality.

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You’d have $47,873 now if you bought them at the very first opportunity, back in 2002.


wow - so that bloke in the pub was telling me porkies???


I also had the idea for the TV show Peep Show

My friend claims he submitted a script to the BBC for a mock documentary set in an office a couple of years before the Office came on TV

I’ve never seen the script and he hasn’t written any more spec scripts that I am aware of

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My mate invented the ‘babe on board’ car sign only to cruelly see it in a motor a few weeks later.

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I believe him

Yeah. Remember the dark days before anyone had conceived of writing a comedy in an office setting?


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I had the idea for The Trip, but it was with James Earl Jones and Brian Blessed.


I’m struggling to keep it together in the office just imaging this.

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I’ve got a couple of ideas, just need to put them into practice. One of them is like one of those bullshit cinematic universe things that are all the rage - I want to combine all televised fiction (ALL OF IT) into one universe. All of it.


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