Almost Easter Wednesday Thread

Good morning everyone!

Hope everyone’s slept well. Last day of work before the holidays, I guess?

I’m waiting for my second train which will take me north from Trondheim. Hoping there’s more space/fewer people than on the night train here, I really need to stretch out a bit. Got to watch the sun rise over snowy mountains from the train though, which was pretty nice.


Morning @whiterussian

Sounds like a potentially gorgeous train ride ahead. Much like mine, getting to watch the sun rise over Hemel Hempstead and Leighton Buzzard.

Penultimate day at work today, feeling pretty relaxed about it. Early start, early finish, picking up a hire car at lunchtime and picking the kids up from school… Pretty much it.

Morning wr, he2,

Do you think it would make a good lazy holiday just getting a couple of trains up and down Norway to look at the scenery?

I am sure there is something very important I am meant to be doing today but I cannot remember it :confused:

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That sounds like a wonderful holiday idea, FL. Definitely the lazy kind of thing I’d be into.


One of the cats has come up to wake me up, and has now settled down, purring away. Might not move for a few more minutes.


Morning wearing my massive yellow dress, feel like a daffodil.

@anon89873996 that sounds like a super holiday

Going to try not to cry at work today, had a bit of a moment at lunchtime yesterday due to a build up of frustration, sadness and being very tired…hopefully the dress will help :yum:


Morning all. This is my first day back at work after a week off. My main headache so far - no one else has arrived yet - is the twin blisters I rubbed yesterday on the inside of my big left toe and the outside of my left second toe.

got a 3 hour session on ‘team lessons learned’ this morning




Looks like a power cut here, so that a pita. Other than that, nothing doing today. Shitty weather today

morning WR and gang!

I’m going to Corby to play a boardgame this morning.


chill out luigi

If it makes you feel any better, neither do I, so that’s two of us on here.

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Nvm, it’s back on

Morning all.

cba levels: meter broken due to power surge, please check again later.

How is it only wednesday? Some classic BST out there today innit :umbrella:

Watched Annihilation on netflix last night and haven’t really stopped thinking about it since, s’good.

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Not a daffodil, but y’know…

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Seeing everyone with their suitcase to jet off after work today combined with 5 hours sleep has made me incredibly grumpy

On the other hand: met Daphne and Celeste last night


I feel your pain - every single other member of my immediate family (parents, brothers, children) have gone or are going away and it’s really put me out of joint.

Ugh! The toddler woke up at 4.25 and wouldn’t resettle. Eventually he did, in our bed, but I couldn’t, so I only got about four and a half hours sleep.

I’m going to need a LOT of coffee today.

Fake an illness and get yourself home mate, nobody needs this.