Almost Easter Wednesday Thread

Did you see them live? I’m off to see them on Friday night.

I did! It was really good, if very shambolic - the new songs sound great.

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That’s just what I wanted to hear :smiley:

Can’t stop listening to this either.

Full drowned-rat territory. Need more rain ready clothes.

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Very damp thighs as well if anyone would like that mental image, yw.

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Rain’s on

heard something on the bbc world news yesterday mentioning “the favourite musical artists of millennials, including Jay Z and Justin Bieber”
reading about millennials on wikipedia now to learn more


Got so much work to do. So much work.

I can’t travel to work with my bf anymore. He’s pissing me off! Makes me run to the earlier train, in the rain, only to stand up the entire time when i’m not feeling well. I’m done with him and commuting!!! I ride solo from now on!!!

Nothing else to report as I am quite grumpy now.

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Lady on the left needs a wee.

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Guy on the right watches Top Gear


Shes on the toilet app

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This fucking rain.

Leaving work early today to try and fix a slight issue with my bike. Other than that, nowt to report.

Morning all! Moving day went far too smoothly and there’s a blue sky over our new view, so that’s nice. Today is a flatpackathon and unpacking, so that’s not so nice.

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Cor! By(e)!

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Great lie in. Leaving London today. Good!
And this stupid twat!





Alright all? Had to be up for an early video conference this morning. I rocked up at 7am, but it had started at 6. Time had changed because of the clocks hadn’t it? Fucked it.

Ah well. Off now until Tuesday and heading to the lovely Hay-on-Wye (Town Of Books) for a rainy couple of days away. Should be nice.

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