Almost the weak end 😉 - phnarr! It's the Double-Entendre Thread

Double-entendre is right up my alley.

It is a rather British thing (French phrase - weird) but I do enjoy a good phnarr. It has been a trying week for all sorts of reasons so please brighten up my Friday with instances, quotes, favourite anecdotes.

Tickle my fancy

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The Sun’s come out this morning. It’ll provide inspiration to any other gay celestial bodies out there

Ooh matron

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I really enjoyed this recent one

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Never heard it called that before!

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On robot wars on sunday a team captain said ‘you have to work out if one’s going to be cheeky and come up your backside’

Dara didn’t even flinch

I love Finbarr Saunders. Probably consistently the best Viz comic strip.

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