Alone time

How are you with it? A card carrying-disser probably enjoys above average time alone.

This thread is not (just) about masturbating.

My happiness levels correlate pretty directly to how much alone time I’m getting.

I’m pretty certain it wouldn’t level off before reaching 100%, too.

I’m just going to add up the alone time I’ve had in the last week (excluding time spent commuting)

I need more alone time, my two flatmates need constant company and we live in quite a small space so while sometimes it’s lovely sometimes it feels like a panopticon. Have to dart out to escape for little walks or coffees by myself etc, which feels a bit off, but yeah definitely realising I’m more introverted than I thought.


Really important to me. Especially best for the first hour after work. Fortunately the GF works most evenings teaching etc, so I get time to chill, do my own thing, then run her a bath and cook dinner to have it ready for when she gets home.

Could do with a little more quality downtime overall, but those couple of hours fully keep me sane.

Love it. Alone time is probably my third favourite time. After dinner- and bed-.

Reckon I could quite happily go a week shut in the flat on my own. Only human contact I might need being the Ocado man and the driver from my takeaway of choice.

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Also, having a wank or two - obviously.

I’ve also started getting drunk and just going out to see where the night takes me alone at least once a week or so :thinking:

I absolutely love alone time and feel like I don’t quite get enough alone time. My bf plays golf on a Saturday and Sunday so I have at least 5 hours to do whatever I want then can see him after but I seem to fill up that time too quickly. During the week I am usually always at the gym so I’m hardly ever at home so no alone time/rest in the evening but I suppose that counts as alone time?

weirdly can’t really handle it, lived alone twice and absolutely hated it, but on the other hand sometimes I have to just leave pubs and stuff because I find it exhausting. Kind of related, got the results back from a work preference psychometric test at work today, apparently only 0.4% of the world are more introverted than me

Love alone time. I live alone most of the time so it’s good that I do. I do need to spend time with other people as well but there’s a balance.

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I spend A LOT of time alone during the day. I love and need alone time but working on your own can get a little too lonely sometimes, its very easy to get stuck in your own head too which isn’t great. Sometimes I wonder if I should go back to working with a bunch of people but then I remember how grumpy I’d get having to spend more time with people I don’t like than with my actual friends. Of course, if you work with people who are great that’s not a problem. Anyway, recently I’ve had you guys to talk horrendous amounts of shite at, so it’s not a problem now. Sorry about that :smiley:


It’s never enough. Never enough.


Yeah I get you on this, I’m freelance and WFH almost every day and used to pounce on my husband and open my brainz as soon as he walked in the door after work, but now I faff about on DiS during the day so I no longer feel the need to vocalise every thought I’ve had in the past 8 hours within a space of 30 minutes.

I love being around people but if I’m not super comfortable with them or if they’re annoying I need some time to recover afterwards.


same. everyone just wants a piece of me MAAAN.

Haha, YAY for DiS. Saving freelancers relationships since 2000andwhatwhat.


I like it - on my own terms (i.e. when I want to be alone, and for there to be no interruptions).

It’s kind of less critical these days now that we live in our own place, but I lived in shared houses for the best part of 20 years and having time away from others became really important.

It’s one of the reasons why I like my run home - it allows me to be with my own thoughts at the end of a day in the office.

I think everyone’s a grouch their first hour or so after work tbh. Just need that decompression time after dealing with the inevitable shower of cunts every shift brings.


I’m probably more of an introvert than I am an extrovert tbh, I do enjoy the company of others but I do enjoy having a couple of hours to myself here and there.

Let’s grab a tizer, separately.

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