Alpaca Haircut Time


It’s that time of year again!!

From this…

To this,…


yaaaaay! one of the highlights of the dis year, this :smiley:





god they look so cuddly (before)


OMG I love alpacas so much!


When will it grow back?


So much this^
Love alpaca haircut day :grinning::heart_eyes::+1:


one year i guess?


Hopefully in the next year.


how much fluff did you manage to get? i guess you weigh it before sending it off?


absolutely fucking LOVE these guys


@witches and I had plotted to turn up at your farm and demand to meet the alpacas* and I want to see them in cuddly mode.

*and you, I guess.


It’s split into firsts (the good stuff from their body) and seconds (not quite as good from their legs, neck, tail and head). There’s not much weight in it cos it’s sooooo soft.


my favourite of the late-era zappa albums


@Witches * are more than welcome, anytime. It’ll be 6 months or so before they are fluffy again.

*And you, I guess!! :wink:


Would be VERY up for coming for a visit, fluffy or not! I love goats too!!! Aaahhh!!


Well, let’s get this arranged! You’re about 20 mins on the train from me. DM me to let me know when you’re free.