Alphabet chat

This is a thread to talk about the alphabet in whatever aspect you like!

What do you think is the most commonly used letter of the alphabet apart from those vowel wankers? I’d say probably s or r.

I bet this varies loads in different languages but I wonder if the relative position in the alphabet is the same regardless of which letter is most common in the language or even if some alphabets are not learnt from a - z style.

  • I’m ready to accept that zee is better than saying zed.
  • For some reason I disagree.

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Y is obviously a vowel
  • Y is a vowel
  • For some reason I disagree

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I can see what you are saying as you pronounce it like “eee” a lot of the time

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Is A-Z going up or down the alphabet?

(Shout out to the other NMJ fans on the community)


ooo lovely question!

It’s down obviously you idiot!

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Neutral Milk Jotel?


(only joking)

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Which end is bigger?

Was just yesterday reading all about lots of alphabet related bits and bobs in this wonderful article, well worth your time!

Z is bigger than A I think

  • Qu should be the letter, not Q
  • For some reason I disagree

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I love posts like this

It’s either depending on what word it’s in. The thing about rythm having no vowels is a lie.

Very English-centric view

K is brilliant. Got a lot of time for a K

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Yeah, good point.

I’m just having fun making some #bigopinions

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And X

Treasure and kisses!

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I don’t have the warmth of character to pull it off really but thought you would appreciate it

this seems fascinating but I can’t work out what any of it means!

what is this chart? Are the pictures to represent the usages of the letters in speech like S is a bolt because it bolts one syllable to another or something?