Alphabet of Music - A

A Tribe Called Quest
Andrew Bird
Anderson Paak
Angel Olsen

Alex Zhang Hungtai
Asian Dub Foundation
Asobi Seksu
Augustus Pablo

  1. Arcade Fire
  2. Alice Deejay
  3. A Tribe Called Quest
  4. Alvvays
  5. Aphex Twin

Honourable mentions: Aretha Franklin, The Avalanches.

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Arcade Fire, Aztec Camera, Arab Strap, The Avalanches, Daniel Avery

Do you want to change Daniel Avery? We are going by first letter of first name.

A Winged Victory For the Sullen
Aphex Twin
A Tribe Called Quest
Andy Stott
Atlas Sound

Aphex Twin
Trail of Dead
Adrianne Lenker
Against All Logic

The right answer is:

  1. Adam Green.
  2. Arcade Fire.
  3. Arctic Monkeys.
  4. Ash
  5. Andrew Bird
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Voting is now Closed. I’ll post the results tonight.

Cheers. Then it’s A Certain Ratio

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Xylophone… xylophone fish


1st Aphex Twin 75 Points

2nd Arcade Fire 47 Points

3rd Afghan Whigs 41 Points

4th At the Drive in 25 points

5th ABBA 22 points

  • A tribe called Quest 22 Points

7th A winged victory for the sullen 21 points

  • and you will know us by the… 21 points

  • Autechre 21 points

10th Alice in Chains 18 points


Given how good she is really, surprising lack of love for Aretha


Bit late off the mark but my faves:

  1. Adorable
  2. Arcade Fire
  3. Al Green
  4. AC Acoustics
  5. Amusement Parks on Fire
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(Safety isolation) High Five

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a-ha were robbed!

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Just posting a classic from each now that voting is over.

It seems like it doesn’t get mentioned much, so I just want to say that Alcest’s Kodama is a top 5 album of last decade.

I’ve gotten the sense that Alice In Chains aren’t too popular here? Jar of Flies is really a perfect album.

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Not a massive AiC fan but I really love Nutshell.

Remember being on a family holiday in Sorrento and sitting in a bar. Local band playing a few songs, mostly Italian, but then they launched into Nutshell. Had to leave before the end of their set but told them how much I loved it whilst they were on a break. They tried to get me up to sing a song with them. I couldn’t get out of there quick enough!