Alphabet of Music - B

I elected to file BPB under W

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I almost put Beach house on my list.

Brian Eno
Big Thief
Beach Boys
Bonnie Prince Billy
Bill Callahan

Beta Band
Beastie Boys
Bright Eyes
Bloc Party

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So many good artists. It’s gonna be tight. Gonna close at 8pm and post the results.

Bright Eyes
Boards Of Canada
Balam Acab

Voting is closed!

Really close one! Some great contenders! The results are as follows…

1st Bruce Springsteen 61 points

2nd The Beatles 54 points

3rd Bjork 52 points

4th Beastie Boys 50 points

  • Boards of Canada 50 points

6th Blur 36 points

  • Burial 36 points

8th Bright Eyes 32 Points

9th Bob Dylan 31 points

10th Black Sabbath - 30 points

Bob dylan 9th! Would never have happened in the d’s.


To be fair it’s a strong list though.

Fucking Blur again!

Not a fan then?!

I don’t even particularly dislike them, just pure mediocrity

Thought Bjork was winning.

Never knew Bruce was so popular until the HGATR thread.

There’s a few people on that list whose own mothers don’t think they are better than Bob Dylan or Black Sabbath.