Alphabet of Music - Symbols & Numbers

Prince symbol
4 Of Us
The 1990’s

Had to duck out of the Z round with nada. Slim pickings here too:

1 Mile North
10, 000 Maniacs (early years)
65 Days of Static
50 Ft Wave

Will be closing this one at 8pm

  1. 13 & God
  2. 1900
  3. 1921
  4. The 6ths
  5. (Sandy) Alex G

22-20s? That’s a blues rock blast fron the past. Remember seeing them support Supergrass at venue of legends, Aylesbury Civic Centre. Are they still around?

You’ll be pleased to know that they reformed in Dec 2019!

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5 - 13th Floor Elevators
4 - 5ive (The drone rock noise duo, not… y’know)
3 - 12 Rods
2 - 400 Blows
1 - I got nothing

At the risk of a widespread shaming, I’m giving an enthusiastic first place vote to 311. Is their music an uplifting blend of rock, rap, reggae, and funk stemming from Nebraska? Sure. And do they have lyrics like “You’re a single mom, with a son named Tom” and “311, you want to get next to them. My name is Nick H-E-X-U-M?” Of course, why wouldn’t they? But they’re also great at what they do and are excellent musicians. There’s a lot more going on in their songs than people give them credit for, and they’re so good at building tension.

Albums 1-3 are great and packed with explosive riffs, albums 5-7 are good, but I want to start by specifically highlighting their fourth album Transistor - it’s their masterpiece and one of the best albums of the 90s (seriously). Instead of following up their commercially successful third album with more of the same, they went in the complete opposite direction and released a strange, ambitious, 68 minute artistic statement composed of a wide range of styles.

Have a great one from their other albums too:

  1. 16 Horsepower
  2. 1 mile north
  3. 16b
  4. 14 iced bears
  5. (the) 101ers
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70 Gwen Party
2 Unlimited

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Completely forgot to do this one…

††† (crosses)
The 1975
808 State

Still only ever heard Down, which as a song, i quite liked when on holiday in CA in 2000. Probably not representative of them though?

It both is and isn’t, but if you like it there’s a ton of other material that you’re bound to like too. The self-titled album that it’s on is probably your best bet if you want to try more - it has a lot of similarly energetic and riff-heavy songs where they trade vocals. It’s probably my second favorite album of theirs.

Grassroots could be worth a shot too with songs like this.

  1. 2 8 1 4

Still open?

  1. 808 State
  2. !!!
  3. 13th Floor Elevators
  4. ? and the Mysterians
  5. 49ers

65 Days of Static
¡Forward, Russia!
60ft Dolls
16 horsepower


13th Floor Elevators 33 points
65 days of static 31 points
808 state 24 points
The 2 Bears 20 points
!!! 17 points
TAFKAP 16 points
16 Horsepower 13 points
µ-Ziq 13 points
10,000 maniacs 11 points
††† 9 points

Timely feature article from the Avclub.