Alright, I'll make the Monday evening thread then

It’s raining here, and I’ve already put the bins out. My evening has peaked already



Dal Tadka tonight and probably the rest of the week.


Had dinner, so now it’s the long slow crawl until bed time.

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Absolutely terrible day at work today. Seriously need to find a way out now.

Is that newly dismembered fingers in the middle of your dinner?

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Big hugs Rich.

I’ve upgraded dinner as I did a bike and am hungry.

Also didn’t get any bread. So now it’s tempura prawns, sweetcorn kebabs, cavolo Nero and a handful of Thai prawn crackers

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Haha very good, I am rather clumsy.

Just watched a rocket launch for three minutes and it was aborted ten seconds before. Fucked it

Reckon I’d eat that

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High praise indeed

drinking a porter on a monday night. that’s how today has gone, yeah.

learned some fun shit on the piano at lunch tho. now doing my chess puzzles til tother half gets home

A total nothingy write off of a day today. Want to eat some comforting food and watch some telly and just forget it happened.

Just had a chorizo and bean casserole followed by rice pudding. Going to call the folks in a bit. That’s pretty much it I think

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This is EXACTLY what I want.


It was very nice, tbf.

Pizza and chips for tea

Then a sofa night for me

Have you (or anyone!) ever made the dishoom house black dal?

I bought a slow cooker to make it (I think it’s just what they call Dal Makhani) but the slow cooker is still in it’s packaging.

Know what? I’ll make it this weekend.

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I’ve never made it but gonna do it on Saturday for a curry party we’re having
(Everyone bring a curry basically)

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