Alright lads?

Just having some grilled halloumi cheese, chilli fava beans and lime and coriander steamed rice.

Don’t hate the player…

I had some halloumi fries in the pub last night that were just next level halloumi



Just popped to the fridge and ate some Wensleydale in the appropriate fashion; by resting the fridge door on my shoulder, grabbing the bag (does cheese come in a bag?), breaking off a chunk and eating it there and then. Checked on the Halloumi while i was there. Best before bbe end in mid April, so should probably start planning when to eat that really.

Just had some cereal then 2 l.Mac sausage rolls.

Still hungry like.

Watching three episodes of masterchef, eating seaweed thins. Think i’ll get chinese food in a bit.

Yeah alright mate we’ve all been to Wetherspoons

I was supposed to go on a second date tonight, but I’m not sure it’s happening as my date appears to be nursing a terrible post Xmas do hangover.

Kind of hoping it doesn’t happen TBH as I am also hungover and it would require me travelling to Eastbourne, and it’s pissing down with freezing cold rain.

I just want to get a curry delivered and watch a movie

veg panini for me, a little cheese on there for texture variation

Speaking of cheese, filled a pre rolled pack o’ puff with cheddar and Leicester and appropriate flavours, last night, sliced them into bite sized bits and gobbled them right up.



  • Curry
  • Chinese

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First and last time I’ll vote chinese in one of these polls
Just really want you to have it

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Is this voting for you or what I’m having, cos I’m having curry but reckon you’re more of a Chinese type of guy?

Made my own with the gf on Tuesday: slices of halloumi, flour and paprika coating, couple of mins in the frying pan :yum:

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Veg dhansak, roti, can of coke

Have a bang on that


we went for Chinese because the good curry places are too expensive



You’re getting chow mein, some spring rolls and something else maybe a pork dish

most reliably decent curry house option. If I’m ordering from a new place for the first time it’ll always be a dhansak (maybe, maybe a bhuna)

Yeah definitely

I like to test them
With a dopiaza