Alright let's set the record straight once and for all


  • I am a cyclist
  • I am NOT a cyclist

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how do i make it public


I ride a bike, but wouldn’t call myself a cyclist. where is that option?


ok, go again

  • And I look great in lycra!
  • And I look great in lycra!!

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if you wouldn’t call yourself a cyclist then i would say you are not a cyclist, but that’s up to you, big man


I’d call myself a cyclist, but with a small c.


I am not a cyclist, but I do have some sympathy for them because I am a benevolent humanitarian.

Thank you.


there deffo needs to be some sort of criteria to join our exclusive club, we can’t be letting any old fuckers in can we mates?


I probably do 50-70k a week. I don’t set out for a particular destination, I just ride around. I also don’t wear cycling gear. I’m not on Strava.

incredible bike handler though.


some people have ticked it and they don’t even have a carbon fork. It’s anarchy!


fucking disgusting is what it is tbh

i’ll be slashing their tyres for sure


you ride a b’twin, aye?


I’ll be slashing on their tyres


that’s quite a lot of mileage for someone who isn’t a cyclist tbh


i do, great bikes imo


I am not a cyclist, I just use a bike when it’s the most appropriate means of getting somewhere, without making a song and dance about it.


how do you feel about other people’s lesser, shitter bikes?


aye, not sniffing at all. got one me sen. bit heavy, but fine for what I need it for.