Alright let's set the record straight once and for all



all bikes are shit

  • I have a carbon fork
  • I don’t have a carbon fork and my bike is terrible because of it

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what one have you got? i replaced the wheels and bottom bracket on mine (when it was knackered) and managed to, incredibly, get it under 10kg!

i’m incredibly attached to it because of the amount of value i’ve got out of it. really is the best thing i’ve ever bought. really should be looking at getting something better but can’t bring myself to part with it.


Double exclamation marks are for total cunts.



no cycling chat


don’t edit me, bikewanker


can’t believe there’s no strikethrough without using html or some other wank



  • I actually think I’m a better person because I’m a cyclist
  • The opposite of the first statement.

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I eat my pasta with my carbon fork

  • a) This is now the cycling thread
  • b) This has always been a cycling thread
  • c) Both
  • d) All of the above

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triban 3, or some shit. real entry level shit. got new wheels and what have you. picked it up for 90 notes and it is in pretty good nick.

I was looking at bikes for 6-700 notes last year, then this one popped up on gumtree. glad I didn’t pay anymore, tbh. this gets me up hills and is good for weaving through traffic.

need to change the seat at some point


yes! best entry level bike ever. same as mine.

i’m doing over 200km a week and can’t believe it’s been going for over a year.

budget saddle recommendation is the charge spoon. £20.



To sort out the real cyclists from the fly by night Johnny come latelys.

  • I own one bike
  • I own two bikes
  • I own more than two bikes
  • I own more than two bikes plus I have enough spare parts lying around the house to almost build two more

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Think my carbon fork cost more than @plasticniki bike cost :neutral_face:


can’t you get titanium forks??