Alright love, what you wearin?



Show me your clothes. Or alternatively tell me your clothes.

In summary: clothes.


Black Cons
Dark red shirt
Faaaade-d black jeans


this is a good vibe. i used to think i would never be into dark coloured shirts. now i think i might be


Hello xylo. I am wearing my usual outfit of a plain black t-shirt, jeans and trainers.


Alright xylo!! What are you wearing?

I am wearing a polkadotty black and white dress, grey tights and black boots.


Black jumper
Dark brown work trousers(!)



Black jeans
Black Converse
Burgundy shirt


Wearing right now:
Light blue Deerhoof t-shirt.
Dark blue Hoodie.
Black boxers.
Black Wrangler jeans.
Black socks.
Grey Puma Suedes.

Wore to work this morning:
Orange Pashmina scarf.
Grey woollen hat.


wfh today - I just went for a bike ride in sexy lycra, now I’m slobbing around in tracky bottoms, hoody and my knackerd camo slippers

no pics cos I feel like I’ve posted enough pictures on DIS of me in slobby clothes


nothing good, sorry!


this is a pleasing sounding ensemble!! I am wearing… hang on


denim jeans
black Planet Express t-shirt
brown Timberland boots


All the leaves are brown, so I’m wearing a suitably autumnal shirt today…


I get told off by my flatmate for wearing only a jumper, no tshirt beneath. Is this so weird?


Is this the rebranded Selfie Thread?


grey 511 levis
sonic the hedgehog tee shirt
grey/blue Root hoody


WFH - still in me jim-jams


I get told off for this sometimes also.


Nah it’s fine.

Unless it’s a very open weave.



i mean i’m not going to directly ask you for a selfie because that would look desperate